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You may have caught my mini ramble on Instagram last night regarding candles which was stimulated by the arrival of this glorious Aromatherapy Associates Indulgence Candle.  I realised yesterday that it had been well over a year since I lit a candle in my home, even though I absolutely love burning candles.  The reason being that Teddy and I are living in my living room at the moment as my bedroom is too small for the two of us (hopefully moving any day now as it’s a bit of a nightmare!) and there’s a lot of back and forth regarding whether candles are safe around babies, so I didn’t want to risk it.  Teddy was out with his dad last night which usually means I’m out running errands or attending events, but this week has been wonderfully quiet so I got my candle going and, I’m aware how dramatic this sounds, but I am still enjoying the benefits of a very short 20 minute burn-time from last night!

Aromatherapy Associates Indulgence Candle ReviewPIN IT

Before I get all gushy, let me first tell you a bit more about the Indulgence Candle.  It arrives beautifully presented in a slide-off box which contains the candle housed in a brushed-glass holder with the Aromatherapy Associates logo imprinted around the whole glass.  The moment you open the box you’re hit with the pretty yet potent scent of Jasmine and Geranium.  Regular readers will know that Jasmine is one of my all-time favourite scents and the Jasmine in this candle is spot-on; it’s so fresh and vivid it’s like you have a Jasmine field outside your window along with a strong breeze pushing it through your home.  Jasmine lovers NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE.

Aromatherapy Associates Indulgence CandlePIN IT


The geranium is definitely there too but it performs more of a cushioning function to the Jasmine.  The floral finish is uplifting and bright making it perfect for burning in the background whilst you get on with work.  I had this going whilst I was taking pictures for the blog last night and it really enhanced the experience leaving me feeling balanced; I felt energised but not overly so, therefore it’s perfect for a bit of pre-bed creativity, whilst also working well as a chill-out scent too.

Aromatherapy Associates Indulgence Candle BurningPIN IT

It’s safe to say I’m a little bit in love with this candle that is not only beautifully presented, but most importantly, the fragrance is everything I hoped for and more.  The best part is that it was only on for about 20 minutes last night, yet the scent is still lingering throughout my living room which is amazing considering it had such a short burn-time.  It isn’t cheap at £35, but for that you get 40 hours of burning time and if you really want to make it last you can burn it in short bursts whilst still getting an amazing fragrance payoff.  This is a total winner for me, and you can purchase the Aromatherapy Associates Indulgence Candle here – link.

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  • Sia
    April 26, 2015

    Oh yes, I absolutely LOVE this candle as well, never tried a scented candle this delicious.

    • Sascha
      May 10, 2015

      It’s beautiful isn’t it? They’ve nailed the jasmine – I just want to sniff it repeatedly!

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