Birchbox Manithon

Nope! Nothing to do with men as you might have concluded based on the name (no? Just me then?) but this is actually a portmanteau using the words “manicure” and “marathon” which is a pretty accurate description of what’s happening on the 29th August 2014 – it’s a manicure marathon baby!

For one day only, Birchbox are setting up 20 manicure stations in London’s Soho Square to raise money for Breast Cancer charity CoppaFeel.  Obviously whilst it’s all good and fun to get involved in a manicure marathon, the cause is a serious venture to raise as much money as possible for an important cause so you’ll need to get donating; the minimum donation is £5 but you can donate as much as you like to this very important charity which aims to educate women on checking their breasts for the early signs of cancer.

The manicure stations are there just for 29th August 2014 and you can book a slot anytime between 10am – 7.30pm.  To book your slot, head here – link – and don’t forget to tweet your Manithon Manicure using the hashtag #birchboxmanithon

If you can’t be there on the day then there’s a limited edition t-shirt by Sally Faye Cotterill designed specifically for the event, which you can purchase here – link – for £12.


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  • Birchbox/Coppafeel Manithon - Update - Beauty Geek UK | Beauty Geek UK
    August 27, 2014

    […] stations being set-up in the square, with the aim to do as many manicures as possible on the day.  I’ve posted about it here, but just a reminder that it’s a minimum of £5 to get your manicure and further incentives […]

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