My Dermalogica Prescription Review


A little while ago I was sent my prescription of Dermalogica products, and I thought rather than spam your timelines with individual reviews, I’d share my thoughts on each product in this post; however I do have both versions of the PreCleanse so I’ll be doing a post on those soon.  The Dermalogica Face Mapping involves breaking down individual areas of the face to establish what’s best for that particular area, and taking all the areas into account when putting together the prescription which is particularly helpful if you have tricky, combination skin like mine!


As I tend to wear a fair bit of make-up I was recommended a double cleanse which starts with the Dermalogica PreCleanse, which is an oil that you work all over face and eyes to melt off make-up.  I’m a big believer in double cleansing and I’m always a bit dubious of routines that don’t include it.  The PreCleanse is a very effective oil that really does break down make-up and works especially well on high coverage foundation.  You do need to put in a bit of work on eye make-up, but the work is worth the effort.  I cleanser I was recommended is the Essential Cleansing Solution which is a very gentle, wash-off cream.  It’s really lovely and leaves skin feeling soft and clean without any tightness.  Probably my least favourite of the products I was sent is the Multi-Active Toner, which is interesting as it’s extremely popular, but it just doesn’t do much for me.  You spray it on after cleansing and before any treatments and masks.


Not pictured is the Skin Hydrating Booster which is a serum that hydrates the skin and helps other hydrating products perform more effectively – I’ve reviewed it more thoroughly here. I also have the Overnight Clearing Gel which is a fantastic spot-fighting serum that really takes the anger out of spots – I’m having horrible stress-based breakouts at the moment and this is proving a star.  I have two absolute favourite products from the prescription, the first of which is the Intensive Moisture Balance which is an extremely nourishing yet surprisingly light moisturiser that my skin responds really well too.  I like the fact that it’s a bit no frills; it’s designed to moisturise skin and that’s exactly what it does.


Now on to the second my favourites which is the Daily Resurfacer.  These come in little individual sachets that contain little finger puppets of chemical exfoliator that you work all over the face.  You will feel a difference immediately and a very simple even facial treat for me is using one of these followed by the Intensive Moisture Balance as gives skin a serious glow.  Obviously the clue is in the name and it’s designed to be used daily, but I’m scared I’ll run out too quickly so I’m using it 3-4 times a week.  Lastly is the Skin Hydrating Masque which is another product that people have gone a bit mad for but for me it doesn’t do much, although I need to give it a fair trial when my skin has calmed down again.  It’s good and I like the fact that it’s an oil-free gel, but it got very quickly usurped by other products in the script that performed much better.  I’ve definitely found some gems in this routine and I’ll be doing a current skincare routine post soon, so keep your eyes peeled! To find your nearest Dermalogica salon or counter, head here – link.

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