The Feature: Facial Sprays

The Feature: Facial Sprays


All summer long one of my biggest obsessions was facial sprays.  These multi-purpose skincare products are essential for pretty much anyone who’s into beauty, as they really do have a lot of uses and I use them every single day, come rain or shine.  I’ve got quite a few, but I’ve narrowed down my favourites as these are the ones I turn to most.  For me, a facial spray needs to perform effectively at numerous tasks, including the obvious ones such as refreshing during hot weather and adding a blast of toner after cleansing, but the reasons I use them every day is to set make-up and undo any overload of powder.  If you’re a powder user then you need a facial spray, especially if mineral powder foundation is your base of choice.  Here are five great sprays to check out:


If you’re rarely out and about without a stash of coconut water to keep you hydrated then here’s a matching spray for your face! The Orico Streetwise Coco Spritz is summer in a bottle and contains a hydrating and rich spritz that’s in a really well-made bottle that sends a fine mist all over the face, making this one a great travel option as you can quickly whip it out and spray it all over your face in a few seconds.  It’s £19 here – link.  The Antipodes Ananda Antioxidant Gentle Toner is the only spray I’ve included that’s called itself a toner, but I’ve kept in purely and simply because it’s packed full of some lovely skin goodies that work to really hydrate skin, all of which are housed in spring water, making this a lovely product all-round.  This is one for any of you with particularly dry skin as it’s the richest of the bunch, so if you’re prone to dryness then keep this nearby to take away any tightness and keep skin seriously hydrated.  It’s currently in the Beauty Bay promotion here – link – for £18.86.


As previously mentioned, I like to use these kinds of sprays to set make-up.  If you have the same idea in mind and you’re a mineral base user then the Jane Iredale Pommist Hydration Spray is a good bet, since it’s comes from one of the best mineral make-up brands available and therefore will be designed for such a task.  It’s a quick, easy setting spray that adds just a touch of hydration and keeps base looking polished but takes away the caked look.  It’s also on special at Beauty Bay here – link – for £17.55.  The Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator is what started my facial spray obsession and it’s probably my second favourite in the list.  It’s aloe water infused with a great selection of skin-loving vitamins, so you really do feel the benefits quickly.  In the summer when I was having crazy issues with dehydration, I added this to my skincare routine and it really helped.  It starts at £16 here – link.


Saving the best until last, my favourite of the bunch is the Aesop Immediate Moisture Facial Hydrosol which I melted through in less than a month! It suited my skin beautifully and left made-up skin with a gentle glow – it was especially handy for giving make-up that slightly lived-in look that’s useful for anything overly matte.  I also used this to keep skin hydrated and cool during the balmy days and nights that we had in the summer, and as it’s such a lovely and refreshing product it was easy to keep using it over and over again.  I’m yet to try something from Aesop that I haven’t absolutely loved, so this facial spray has encouraged my love for the brand further.  It’s £17 here – link.

There we have some great facial sprays that all perform well as both hydrators and make-up setters.  Whilst we’re closing in on the autumn months, there’s certainly a few summery days left yet so if you’ve struggled with the heat leaving your skin feeling dry or tight, or you just need something great to set your make-up then there’s definitely something for you in the above list.

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