New from Vichy: Idealia and Aqualia Thermal Serum


There are a couple of new launches from Vichy as well as one product that’s not actually that new, but I haven’t talked about it before and I think it’s definitely worthy of a mention, so I’ll start with that! The Vichy Idealia Life Serum is a really interesting product as it’s designed to perfect and even skin with the key ingredient being LR2412.  I’m not normally one for mentioning fancy-pants ingredients (especially if they’re labelled with a number, because…why?) but I’m mentioning this one because it’s what the rather expensive Lancome Visionnaire uses as its main selling point, and considering how crazy people went for that when it first launched, I think it’s great that there’s now a much more affordable alternative from Vichy.  It’s normally just under £30 but it’s currently on special at Boots for £22.12 here – link.


This leads me nicely on to the launch that is new, which is the Vichy Idealia Eyes that joins the Idealia range.  Idealia Eyes promotes the same outcome as the Life Serum, just in a formulation for the delicate eye area.  It’s designed to reduce dark circles and lines whilst brightening the area and improving radiance.  It’s okay for sensitive eyes and it also contains caffeine and vitamin B3 to really boost the brightness, so it sounds good to me.  It’s also in the Boots promo so it’s currently on offer for £17.25 rather than its usual price of £23 here – link.


The new additions to the Aqualia Thermal range include two new creams and the above serum, the aptly named Aqualia Thermal Serum.  It’s interesting that it seems fairly recently skincare lines have started to acknowledge the presence of dehydration as a genuine skin issue independent of dryness, so there are a few products either recently released or soon to arrive that tackle such an issue.  The new Aqualia Thermal products are designed to boost water circulation in the skin and contain hydrating ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Thermal Spa Water.  I’m very keen to give this a go, but I’m also wary of anything new as my skin is doing good things at the moment, so I don’t want to upset it! I’ll see if I can give it a go soon and let you know what I think. The creams are £16 each and the serum is £17 here – link.

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