FTB: Braun Waterflex and Braun CoolTec Razor Reviews

Another in my For The Boys (FTB) series today, with this post focusing on a couple of electric razors from Braun.  A few weeks ago my dad started complaining about the fact that his razor had given up on him, then by fluke I got an e-mail from Braun announcing a couple of their new razor launches, so I put two and two together and here are my very lucky dad’s assessments of both the Braun Waterflex and the Braun Cooltec.  


I’ve never been a fan of electric razors, so when I was asked to try the BRAUN Waterflex and Cooltec I was very pleasantly surprised to find what a pleasurable experience BRAUN have made it in to. From the minute you hold them, both razors are a pleasure to use. They fit perfectly in to the hand and have a well made, quality feel to them, plus the anti-slip grip is very reassuring.


I tried the Waterflex first and it was quite simply a pleasure to use. It can be used wet or dry, so not only can it be used in the shower or bath but can also be used with foam or gel. Whichever you use, even if it’s only good old water, the shaving experience is enjoyable and at the end of of it the skin feels toned and smooth.


All that’s left is to rinse under the tap and it’s ready for it’s next use or charge if needs be. It’s waterproof to a depth of five metres which is very reassuring to know if you’re worried about dropping it in the bath.


The Li-On battery recharges fully in one hour to give 45 minutes shaving time but if you’re like me and frequently forget to charge it there’s a very handy “quick charge function” which in five minutes gives enough to shave an average days growth.  It comes with four choices of colour, black, white, blue and red and it’s a very attractive stylish piece of equipment.


However, let’s not forget its purpose in life; it’s a razor and as such performs brilliantly, and whilst not giving the shave that a traditional wet shave does, it comes very close.  The Braun Waterflex is £159.99 here – link.


On to the second item, the BRAUN CoolTec, which as the name suggests, has a “cooling” action which is a whole new electric razor experience.  Once again,the razor has a lovely solid expensive feel to it and sits so comfortably in the hand.


Normally you can feel quite hot around the area that you’ve shaved with an electric razor and it doesn’t feel as though you’ve finished, whereas if you turn the CoolTec cooling button on it makes the skin feel really cool, cold even, plus you don’t feel as though you’d need aftershave and it cuts irritation down to zero.


Now given the “one or the other” choice of this or a wet shave with traditional gel and razor I think I’d go against years of tradition and opt for the CoolTec.


The shave itself is very close and comfortable but if you’re using it with the active cooling switched on, the feeling afterwards is great! The skin feels smooth, cooled and nicely toned.  You actually “know” you look good after using this beautifully engineered piece of shaving equipment and there’s no burns or irritation, just a great feeling all round.  Rather brilliantly there’s also no need for aftershave because the skin feels so toned that you’d almost think the razor had applied it.  The Braun CoolTec is is normally £199, but it’s currently on special at Amazon here – link – for £100.

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