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I think I get most excited about Kiko launches above other new arrivals as they’re always fun, vibrant, enjoyable to see and use as well as packed full of a little something for everyone, so when a press release pops in my inbox, I may or may not do a little happy dance depending on how much judgement such an action deserves.


The one things that really pisses me off about new Kiko launches is that I often find absolutely gems in the collection, to then find them to be limited edition and by the time I’ve realised, they’ve disappeared – very annoying! A good example of this is the muted pink lipstick shade from the Life in Rio collection which is the most perfect, everyday pink that goes with absolutely anything and is the pink answer to the ‘my lips but better’ quest for me.  It’s a stunner and yet I’ve managed to lose the lid, and of course it’s limited edition, so if you happen to have one in your collection then please send it my way, otherwise I MIGHT ACTUALLY CRY.


The latest arrivals from this Italian wonder brand is the Kiko Luxurious collection, which is a small but rather lovely line of just six products: a mascara, a face brush, a highlighter (2 shades available), a bronzer, a kajal liner (2 shades) and 2 eyeshadows available in 4 shades, which I understand to be very good dupes for the infamous Chanel Illusion D’Ombres which can only be a good thing.


I was sent three of the items to play with, starting with the Precious Illuminating Bronzer which is the most stunningly presented bronzer I may have ever seen.  Kiko always pull out all the stops with their palette products such as their blushers and bronzers, and some of my favourites from the past include the zip style bronzer from the Boulevard Rock collection as this sort of embellishment really takes their pressed products to a new level.  The Precious Illuminating Bronzer is a wonderfully warm and glowy bronzer that gives skin a very subtle sheen and a little hit of colour, although obviously both these elements can be built-up for more intensity.  It’s a very pretty product, both to look at and to use and can be found here – link – for £18.


Next up is the Luxurious Face Brush which, having read other reviews, people are extremely fond of, although I personally find it too small to work for me and my humongous fingers.  The brush is held with a firm and sturdy handle, yet the bristles themselves are amazingly soft and a bit like using a cat’s tail to apply powder…I’m guessing.  It comes housed in a little pouch which is great for storage and travel, so it’s definitely a well thought out product and can be purchased here – link – for £16.


Last in my little intro to the collection is my favourite of the three, the Magnificent Highlighter which I have in Royal Gold, although there’s also a Noble Rosy Silver Shade which I kinda want too, especially as these are only a tenner each.  When I first opened this, I expected a concealer style highlighter, then when I had a swatch I was greeted with an intense, metallic finish that gave impressive shimmer without any nasty glitter flakes.


This is another product that can be used sparingly or built-up, but what I love this for is to add a bit of glow under base products, as it gives that infamous ‘lit from within’ finish.  It’s £10 here – link.

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  • gio
    October 28, 2014

    That bronzer is so pretty!

    • Sascha
      October 30, 2014

      It really is! xx

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