Old Wives Tail Jojoba & Clove Organic Oil Treatment


Old Wives Tail is a small brand of hair treatments made with lovely ingredients designed to penetrate the hair shaft to add volume and moisture.  There are several different types of hair oil as well as a range of hair masks, and I’ve been trying out the Jojoba & Clove Organic Oil Treatment.  This particular hair oil is designed for dull, brittle or broken hair which I wouldn’t say mine is, however, I do colour it regularly and I don’t deep condition as often as I should, plus I’m a firm believe in as much moisture as possible only being a good thing for hair, so I got stuck into this willingly.  In the pot it has a balm-like appearance, but it quickly turns into an oil on contact with skin.  You use it by working it into damp hair and leaving it on for an hour before you wash your hair.  I love a pre-wash product so this aspect kept me happy.


As my roots are prone to greasiness, I kept this to the lengths and ends to err on the side of caution.  It’s an extremely easy product to use, but if you can use a shower cap over it then I’d recommend doing so as it’s a very greasy oil (funny that!) which can leave greasy smears all over the place, but this is a mild issue that either a shower cap or even some cling film can solve, with the added bonus being that either of those options will increase the effectiveness of the product by creating a warm environment for the oil to penetrate the hair shaft.  It’s really easy to wash off and didn’t leave any greasy residue, instead leaving hair feeling nourished and conditioned.  I also really like the fact that this treatment is full of goodies and free from nasties which is something I think will appeal to a lot of people.  It sits in the mid range price bracket at £13.99 for 100ml which, if you have similar hair length and thickness to me, I would guess would result in around six treatments.  The Old Wives Tail Jojoba & Clove Organic Oil Treatment is available here – link.

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