Pantene Breakage Defence Range


I believe our body builds up a tolerance to things such as hair and facial care which is why it’s important to mix things up every now and again.  I’m religious about this approach to hair products as I think using the same shampoo and conditioner every wash makes hair complacent, if that makes sense.  Every 4-6 washes I use a different shampoo and conditioner set and I always try and have a few sets around to work through.  The Pantene Breakage Defence range is a good collection for me as I think my hair is generally pretty good – it’s a little flyaway and can get greasy quite quickly, but there’s lots of it and it’s soft and healthy.  However, I do colour it regularly and whilst I do heat-style after every wash, I certainly do regularly enough for it to benefit from TLC.  The Pantene Breakage Defence collection is designed to toughen up hair so it’s less prone to damage from things such as the aforementioned colouring and styling.


There are four products in the range (six if you include the super-sized shampoo and conditioner) and I’ve tried three of them.  Starting with the Pantene Breakage Defence Shampoo which is a rich and suddy shampoo that lathers brilliantly and smells great.  It’s definitely stripping on the hair so you will need a good conditioner to follow, which thankfully the Pantene Breakage Defence Conditioner is; it’s rich with plenty of slip and it immediately softens and de-tangles hair.  I find this duo a little bit too light for my hair as it leaves me with flyaways, so I think it would be better suited to those who have very lank or fine hair.


My favourite of the three products is the Pantene Breakage Defence Strengthening Intensive Conditioner which is like a rich cream for your hair – it’s extremely intensive and nourishing, yet light enough for fine hair types.  Combined with the shampoo, this makes for a great hair care duo leaving hair feeling soft yet bouncy and light without any flyaways.  As you’d expect, the price of the Pantene Breakage Defence range is reasonable with the the shampoo and conditioner starting at £2.99 and the intensive conditioner costing £4.49, all of which can be found here – link.

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  • Felicity Kelly
    October 15, 2014

    I’ve recently started using Pantene again and do quite like it!

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