Time Bomb Complexion Cocktail with a Shot of Chlorophyll


I’m extremely annoyed with myself for writing off these fabulous Complexion Cocktails from Time Bomb when they first arrived in my life for being inappropriate for my skin type, as they are exactly what my skin has been crying out for.  I think I assumed that they’d conflict with my skin issues due to the fact that the Time Bomb brand is marketed as a mostly anti-ageing brand, so I figured the formulations would have a focus on deeply rich ingredients that don’t always work well with my skin, but I happily admit to being completely wrong.


The Time Bomb Complexion Cocktails are potent blends of skin boosters designed to quickly fight signs of wear and tear on the skin like signs of partying, lack of sleep and just generally overdoing it.  The base of the Complexion Cocktails are all the same (two types of Hyaluronic Acid for some serious hydration) but there are three variants, each of which has a shot of a specific ingredient; B12 for tired and dull skin, H2Omega for dehydrated skin and lastly Chlorophyll for skin showing signs of stress, such as uncharacteristic dryness and breakouts, the latter of which is the one I’ve used.  I literally used this for three nights in a row after the nightmare I had with the dodgy smear (read here) as the stress of it all really showed in my skin, and this cocktail of skin-loving goodies made an extremely impressive difference in rapid time; after day one my skin looked noticeably clearer and less dry, day two saw everything really settle down and day three I’d say my skin was pretty much back to its more traditional combination type.  I’m so impressed with these and as I’m lucky enough to have all three, I’ll be keeping them handy for whenever my skin veers off course.  Thankfully they’re not too expensive either at £24 a go, which I realise isn’t super cheap, but if you use them in the way I do – as skin-fixers when things have gone a bit wrong – then these will last quite a while and will truly be the definition of investment pieces.  I slather a few drops of these on after cleansing and toning and allow to soak in before oil and moisturiser follows.  I’m truly so impressed! Head here – link – for more info.

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