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I can’t imagine there are many people reading this who get enough sleep every night and are generally well=slept.  As a nation we’re a bit rubbish at sleeping since we take our work and our worries to bed with us (and our smartphones) and many of us watch TV in bed, eat too late or just generally don’t prioritise the importance of winding down for a good night of sleep.  This Works are probably most well-known for their range of sleep products such as their pillow sprays, night oils and bath soaks, plus they also have sleep kits such as the one pictured which includes their pillow spray and a inhaler roller for a duo of sleep help.


They’ve just launched their newest product, the Sleep Plus pillow spray which arrives with some impressive stats; 100% of people who tried this felt less restless during the night and 97% felt more awake the following day.  Most noteworthy is the fact that 89% of ex sleeping-pill users would use the spray in place of their medication.  To mark the arrival of the new This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray, they’re challenging you to commit to one extra hour of sleep a day for 7 days in the #SleepPlus challenge and to help you with this they’re offering a free sample of the new spray.  Head to the Challenge page here – link – where you can take a test to see how you’re current sleeping is measuring up, plus order your sample.  The new Sleep Plus+ Pillow Spray is £25 here – link.

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