Anne Semonin Exfoliating Mask


The moment I heard about Anne Semonin my skincare radar prickled as I had a feeling this was going to be a bit of a find.  The brand itself provides some fantastically exciting products such as a wealth of carcinogen-fighting serums and the rather sci-fi sounding ice cube products (which are exactly as they sound – treatments that you use directly from the freezer) but staying true to form, I called in one of their masks as I think you can tell a lot about a brand by how their masks deliver.


The Anne Semonin Exfoliating Mask is named slightly deceptively as it isn’t actually a mask that provides exfoliation, instead it’s a product that can be used as either a manual exfoliator or a mask.  As a mask, it mostly provides gentle cleansing and purifying with the key ingredients being Red Seaweed and Kaolin.  As a mask you use it typically, by applying a layer, leaving it to dry and then washing it off.  To use as an exfoliator you apply a thin layer, then after 2 minutes you can start massaging it around the face to provide gentle exfoliation.  I’m not a huge fan of manual exfoliation and I’ll only do it very occasionally, but this way of doing it is great as there’s nothing too scratchy involved.  Apparently it’s gentle enough to use daily this way, however I wouldn’t recommend that unless you have a small fortune to spare as you’d get through this product at a rapid rate!


As a mask, this is absolutely fantastic and after just a couple of uses, this has quickly joined the ranks of my go-to masks – not an easy achievement if you consider just how many masks I have in my possession.  This is one of the very best purifying, clay-based masks I’ve ever tried as it’s so creamy and kind to skin, yet it still has that ‘pulling out the rubbish’ feeling of a typical clay mask.  It wipes away easily to reveal very clean, plump skin that feels as if you’ve been for a facial; you know that dewy, pampered feeling skin gets post-facial? Skin feels almost exactly like that straight after use.  Consequently I’d happily recommend this as a pre-event mask or for anyone who needs a deep cleanse without stripping skin – total thumbs up from me! The Anne Semonin Exfoliating Mask is £42 here – link.

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