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Well hellooo there lovely new arrivals from budget-friendly Boots brand, Seventeen.  It seems every few years Seventeen up their game a little, the last time being when they launched their Mirror Shine Lipsticks (here’s my post on them with a full swatch line-up) and this time they’ve released a few new goodies that I think will get even the most committed-to-luxury-beauty addict at least a little intrigued.


First let’s look at the lips and tips offerings, which consist of Glitter Nail Tips, which sound like a good idea in theory but I don’t know how well they’d work in practice, alongside some new, moody nail shades added to their Gel Colour line-up.  There’s also new limited edition packaging for the Stay Pout lipsticks in a couple of their wintery shades.  The packaging is very pretty with a crystal-like placement on the lid; it’s nowhere near luxury-looking but it’s certainly very pretty and fun.


Now on to the very exciting products which are the palettes.  This is where Seventeen have come into their own as they’ve launched both a thoroughly decent brow palette and a contouring palette.  There’s also a Jewel Heist palette which isn’t half as tacky as it sounds.


The Jewel Heist Palette is a four shade edit of mostly wearable shades (for me, the blue will get the least use) including a lovely vanilla shade that works great as a base, but most exciting for me is the burgundy shade as I love a burgundy eye.  There’s also a black included for definition, all of which is very reasonably priced at £5.99 and at the moment there’s a promo on that allows you to get this free if you buy 2 Seventeen products.


Next up is the Brow’s That! Brow Kit which I can’t help but feel is trying to mimic Benefit with it’s unnecessary exclamation point in the title, but at £5.99, who cares? This is a fantastic little kit of brow goodies including a wax, a brow shade, a highlighter powder, a brow pencil and an applicator brush.  Annoyingly this is only available in one shade so far which I’d describe at bang in the middle medium, but hopefully they’ll add more to the line-up soon.


I’ve saved my favourite until last which is the  Define and Conquer Contour Palette. Happily this is available in both a fair and medium shade and each palette contains a slightly shimmery (but not OTT) highlighter and a good, ashy, matte contour powder.  Kudos to Seventeen for doing their research and providing a very good contour duo that blends well, looks naturally and generally punches far above it’s price point of £5.99.  If you’re not sure if contouring is for you, or you fancy something cheap to get you started then buy this now!  It’s here – link.

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