My Ojon Hair Treatment Prescription

Have you heard of or tried Ojon products? I must confess, whilst I was familiar enough with the brand to know that they’re hero product is the little tub of damage-fighting goodness, otherwise know as the Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment, I hadn’t actually found out much about the range beyond what I’d read on other blogs.  Therefore, when I was invited along to meet Jennie Roberts – the UK Treatment Technician for Ojon – and have a damage diagnosis to see what could be done to improve my hair, I jumped at the chance!


Just as my skin likes to meet the criteria for various different skin types making things as difficult as possible, so does my hair, which is fine yet there’s quite a bit of it, plus it’s coloured and as it’s long, the ends are prone to a little dryness.  Volumising products can often make my hair really static and flyaway, so after having a lovely chat with Jennie about what to do with my hair, we agreed that maintaining the colour should be the priority for the shampoo and conditioner set as they would hydrate without overloading my hair.  As I don’t get to wash my hair as often as I’d like, I was also given the Rub-Out Dry Cleansing Spray which is similar to a dry shampoo, although it’s used slightly differently in that you apply it and then gently rub it out, as the name suggests.


This is an intro to the products rather than a full review but one thing I have to say is just how amazing the Color Sustain Pro Fade Fighter Shampoo and Conditioner duo are – from first use my hair become soooo healthy looking with more shine than I’ve had in a long time, plus it was so soft! The image below is actually a “before” picture for a styling product, but I’ve included it as this is my hair that had been left to air dry overnight, then brushed in the morning and that’s it; look at that shine!!



No products nor heat-styling involved.  Incredible, isn’t it? I’ll be giving a full review of the duo soon once I’ve had my hair coloured and can share how effective these are at maintaining colour, but it’s safe to say, first impressions are extremely positive.


The other products I was recommended are the aforementioned Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment which is a pre-shampoo treatment (so ideal for hair like mine that needs moisture but doesn’t need to be weighed down) that you can use anything from a few minutes to a few hours before you wash your hair, or even overnight if you’re happy to sleep on a towel.  The Rare Blend Oil comes in three variants depending on your hair type and it’s designed to nourish, treat and tame hair.  I was given the Moisture Therapy which is the middle one for medium textured hair with dry ends, which is exactly my hair.  Lastly, I was given the Volume Advance Volumizing Mousse which gives you some serious volume, however keep in mind that you need to use quite a bit to get big hair which can leave hair feeling a bit tacky.  If you haven’t tried Ojon before then I really recommend finding out more about them, which you can do here – link.

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