Quick Pick Tuesday: Anne Semonin Applicator Brush for Masks


Here we have a very good example of a product that nobody can really say they need, but it’s still the sort of thing that once it arrives in your life, you find yourself using it more and more; it’s the Anne Semonin Applicator Brush which is designed specifically for applying and/or mixing masks.  My long-term love for masks means this is actually my second applicator brush designed to be used with masks, so I now have two different brushes that I interchange depending on what mask I’m going for.


The Anne Semonin Applicator Brush looks a lot like a foundation brush, h0wever the bristles are much more firm and quite scratchy.  This means you need to tread carefully when using it, but it also makes it perfect for applying masks that need to be broken down or are generally thick and tricky to work with; I use a jelly mask that is a right pain to smooth over the face which this brush is perfect for.  What this doesn’t work for is anything too creamy or fluid as it just moves the product around too much, which is why I keep both brushes.  If you use a lot of masks then it’s a handy tool to have, but of course you can just go old-school and use your fingers instead! It’s £20 here – link.

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