Quick Pick Tuesday: Balmi Cube Lip Balm Coconut


A square lip balm that can fasten to your keys thus being both cute and practical is a total winner for me.  I have hundreds (literally) of lip balms and yet it’s always the product I seem to struggle to locate, either at home or on my travels, so knowing that from now on it’ll be at the other end of my home keys (which I also sometimes lose, but not as often as lip balm…) is wonderful progress.


The Balmi lip balms come in these gorgeous cubes that are both quirky and easy to work with.  Not that applying lip balm is a particularly arduous task, but the pointed shape of the balm means all you need to do is close your lips around the point and pretty much the entire base of your lips is covered in balm.


I’m not sure I love the coconut flavour as it’s quite strong, although it’s also pretty genuine and doesn’t taste synthetic – those who like coconut will want to munch on this.  There are some other flavours that I’ll be checking out – namely Raspberry as I dig a good raspberry flavour – with the newest arrival being Blackcurrant that joins Mint and Strawberry for £4.99 a go here – link.

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