Sweet Ease Wax Kits


I love it when things are created to make life simpler, especially when it comes to any kind of faffy beauty maintenance.  A good example of this is the recently launched Sweet Ease Wax Kits which are single use kits containing everything you need to wax a particular area.


There are three kits available – leg, face and bikini – and the kit pictured in this post is the face kit.  Each kit contains 16 pre-loaded wax strips (20 in the leg kit) that have been designed to fit the specific area, so for example the face kit contains strips that are small to get into the nooks and crannies on the face and make the hair removal much more easy.


In the kit, you also get comprehensive visual instructions to guide you through each step so you don’t muck it up.  As someone who waxed her bikini line years ago and screwed it right up (I didn’t pull the skin taught so the whole area bruised – every bit as attractive as it sounds; it looked like I’d drawn lots of little dots on with blue biro!) I welcome being patronised on such things as I’m much happier having too much info and a better understanding than too little!


These are little “grab bag” style kits that make at-home waxing so much more simple as everything is ready and waiting to be used, making them particularly handy if you’re caught off guard and need to do some quick hair removal.  These are available at Superdrug now, with the face and bikini kit costing £3.99 and the leg kit priced at £4.99.  The kits aren’t online yet so when they are I’ll update.

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