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I think haircuts are one of those things that can really make or break you; even subtle changes can make the biggest difference and take your hair from something that’s just ‘there’, to something you enjoy working with, taking care of and generally styling. I’ve had a few haircuts and colours over the years, some have been pretty amazing, all have been generally fine, but few have made me rethink my approach to my hair.  Cue Sunnie at RYS Hair and Beauty and her hair wisdom! The salon itself has an outdoor area which I sadly couldn’t take advantage of due to it being December when I had my appointment, but how fab would it be to get your hair done outside in the Summer heat?

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Before I launch into my treatments, I’ll start with saying what I don’t like about RYS and prepare yourself as I’m going to be picky.  First off, when I arrive at a salon I wanted a feel a bit special; most places, including RYS, charge quite a bit for treatments, a price that easily goes into the hundreds for just a few hours of pampering, so those hours need to be special and I need to feel taken care of.  At RYS I had to ask for a drink and ask for something to read and these are the small things that I think should be offered to you by the bucket as soon as you arrive.  Another minor thing, but RYS is quite small and long which makes it feel a little cramped, but this is just a personal thing – I prefer room and space – that I don’t think would bother many.


My appointment was with the aforementioned Sunnie, a straight-talking, very frank stylist who knows what she’s talking about and doesn’t sugarcoat it.  I like straight talkers as when it comes to receiving expert opinion on things like cuts and colours, I don’t want it to be dressed up.  Sunnie suggested we go for a subtle Ombre hair with roots just slightly darker than my natural colour so that when my hair grows out, it’ll look a lot less obvious.  I hate root grow out as I think it completely negates how well your hair is styled if there’s obvious root growth, so I thought this was a great idea.  The tips were then dunked in a lightener just to add a tiny bit of blonde which makes the colour fade effect that creates Ombre hair.  The cut involved putting layers back in, with extra emphasis on the front layers whilst just generally lightening the weight of my hair and getting rid of split ends.  I’m very happy with both the colour and the colour and I really rate Sunnie’s skills.  I’ve found myself much more inclined to style my hair properly and I’ve also started going for a side parting too, something I’ve never done before but I think it works for me!  More info on RYS Hair and Beauty, which is based in Knightsbridge, SW3, can be found here – link.

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  • Beautylymin
    January 14, 2015

    Your hair looks so healthy! This cut really suits you!

    • Sascha
      January 14, 2015

      Thanks so much! xx

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