Studio 10 Age Reverse Perfect Canvas

Studio 10 Age Reverse Perfect CanvasPIN IT

I’ve raved about Studio 10 as I really do love their small but perfectly formed range of products.  I’m someone who likes natural, flattering finishes – dewy, gently contoured skin, lightly defined eyes and pretty pink/peach lips is my ideal look – and Studio 10 provide a host of products that do exactly that, they flatter and enhance rather than cover and mask.  I’ve gone into plenty of detail in my introductory post here, so have a mooch if you fancy knowing more.

Studio 10 Age Reverse Perfect Canvas Before and AfterPIN IT

The Studio 10 Age Reverse Perfect Canvas is a compact foundation containing two shades for bespoke blending and very light contouring; as a general rule for foundation sculpting you use the lighter shade in the centre of your face and the darker around the outer edges.  I wasn’t expecting to like this foundation as much as I do as it isn’t really designed with my skin type in mind; I need quite a bit of coverage and I knew this wasn’t marketed as a full or high coverage foundation.  Having said that, it does provide a lot more coverage than I expected, making it my foundation choice for low-key, minimal make-up days.  It’s such a wonderfully comfortable foundation that leave a semi-dewy and very natural finish.  It blends in with my skin tone like a dream and I like adding a little bit of depth with the darker shade.  I’m sure you’ve worked this out already, but my shade match is Light.  There’s a Medium and Dark shade choice too, but the Dark isn’t very dark unfortunately.

Studio 10 FOTDPIN IT

The foundation also includes an SPF30 which doesn’t reflect in the finish, thankfully, although, as you can see in the pictures, you do get a bit of whitewashing when the flash is used in pictures.  It’s light-reflecting without shimmer, plus it contains a cocktail of skin-loving antioxidants and vitamin complexes.  In the before picture above I’ve colour-corrected with the Studio 10 Age Defy Skin Perfector before applying the foundation, then finishing with a dab of the concealer featured in the Skin Perfector palette.  As you can see, it isn’t a full coverage finish, instead leaving skin looking very natural and glowy.  If you have relatively decent skin you could happily get away with this every day as it goes up to a medium coverage.  If you haven’t been blessed with good skin then this is still an option for dressed-down days.  It’s available now for £34 here – link.


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