Mask Monday: Erno Laszlo Anti-Blemish Beta Purifying Mask

Erno Laszlo Anti-Blemish Beta Purifying MaskPIN IT

Ever since I first became acquainted with the range when I was sat in front of the very tubs that Marilyn Monroe herself dipped her fingers into when doing her evening skincare routine (post with pictures here – apologies for the rubbish images, the post is from way back in 2012!) I’ve had to biggest soft spot for this iconic brand.  I love the packaging, the names and the ideas of each and every product launch, so I’m always excited to hear what’s new.  I was fortunate enough to try a couple of the masks from the brand including this one, the Erno Laszlo Anti-Blemish Beta Purifying Mask.

Erno Laszlo Anti-Blemish Beta Purifying Mask ReviewPIN IT

This is a mask that isn’t for the faint-hearted as it’s a clay and salicylic acid treatment that is very old-school clay, and by that I mean it dries and sucks at your skin to the point where I expected to wash it off and find my face had puckered! Thankfully that wasn’t the case, but this really is a hardcore face sucker that you need to tread very carefully with if you have sensitive skin.  It doesn’t burn and isn’t uncomfortable, but it’s designed with the very purpose of dealing with spots, meaning that it leaves skin feeling very dry, so you’ll need a good dose of moisture afterwards.  This is quite a good stage two choice for the Triple Threat facial (check out my intro and stage one suggestions here) and it works very well alongside the most recently launched Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask which I reviewed here, but again if you’re sensitive or prone to dehydration then I would recommend treading carefully and maybe just using this on your most spotty areas.  It’s £55 here – link.

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