Illamasqua Precision Brow Gel in Awe

Illamasqua Precision Brow Gel in AwePIN IT

I’m so into brows lately, partly because I’ve finally got the hang of how to do a decent brow, and partly also because I attended a masterclass with Illamasqua a few weeks ago that further fueled the fire.  You can do a whole face of carefully applied make-up, but if your brows aren’t working for you then it can let the whole face down; I finally understand that and I give my brows a lot more credit as a consequence of this revelation.

Illamasqua Angled BrushPIN IT

Illamasqua have four colours in their Precision Brow Gel range and I think only three of them are new, although please do correct me if I’m wrong.  The original shade is Strike, a “suits-most” easy mid to dark brown shade.  The new arrivals are Glimpse – a warm, red-leaning/auburn brown, Stare – a deep, ashy slate grey and Awe – another ashy shade that’s a light to mid brown and the one I have been using since it arrived.

Illamasqua Precision Brow Gel in Awe SwatchPIN IT

There are two brushes that Illamasqua advise using with their Precision Brow Gels, the Fine Eye Liner Brush which is great for a very natural finish as it allows you to gently fill in the brows with hair-like strokes, or the Angled Brush which is a more traditional brow brush that allows you to define and fill both quickly and effectively.  I’ve been using the Angled Brush with my Precision Brow Gel.

Illamasqua Precision Brow Gel in Awe ReviewPIN IT

The Awe shade is an exact match for my brows and would be ideal for anyone who’s pale and mousey; if you always find brow products either too dark or too red then Awe is the shade you’ve been looking for.  The formula of the Precision Brow Gels is creamy and firm, meaning you can get some very good definition with minimal effort, it also blends well when first applied, so if you’re like me and you prefer a slightly more natural brow, just apply and use a spoolie to soften any hard edges.  If you think Awe would be too light for you, I’d recommend checking out Stare which appears to be a darker yet equally ashy shade.  The Precison Brow Gels are available now for £18.50 here – link.

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