Mask Monday: Argan+ Lift & Renew Clay Mask

Argan+ Lift & Renew Clay MaskPIN IT

My mum is crazy for the Argan+ Body Butter and I really loved their Rose body wash too, so I couldn’t wait to try this mask from Argan+, the Lift & Renew Clay Mask, which promises a bevvy of benefits such as intense moisturising, elasticity boosting and deep cleansing.  The ingredients list is impressive with six different oils alongside shea butter, green clay and kaolin.  It’s a typical clay-style mask in that you apply it, leave it to dry and wash it off.  It smells lovely and feels very creamy on application.

Argan+ Lift & Renew Clay Mask ReviewPIN IT

I had high hopes for this mask as the idea of clay surrounded by lots of skin-loving oils including Argan oil sounded like a dream come true.  Unfortunately I think the oils got completely overtaken by the clay, as my skin definitely didn’t feel nourished or moisturised after use.  What it did feel was thoroughly cleansed and very smooth, as you’d expect from a clay mask, so I think if this was marketed as a deep cleansing clay mask then it would do exactly that. It was also a bit of a nightmare to get off and I’d definitely tread carefully if you have sensitive skin as this mask might cause problems.  All-in-all, not the greatest experience which is such a shame as I’ve had such positive experiences with the other products from the brand.  Try this if you like a deep-cleansing, nicely scented mask that will really suck out all the nasties, but if you want something that will also nourish then you’ll need to look elsewhere.  It’s £8.99, however I can’t seem to find it online so it might not be out yet – I’ll update when I find it!

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