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I realise this’ll probably come as a surprise to you, but I really, REALLY love make-up.  If you offer me make-up that looks like sweeties then I’m pretty much set for an hour of cooing, so you can imagine how I felt about the glorious sweet-themed Spring/Summer 2015 collection from RMK, the aptly and appealingly named Vintage Sweets.  Every product is sweetly named and sweetly presented, so the Vintage Sweets theme really is wonderfully encapsulated in the collection.  It consists of a decent array of colours and products with lots of room for experimention, yet nothing so ‘out there’ that you’d struggle to work it into a look.  It’s a very good collection all round, so well worth checking out.

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First let’s look at the eye products, of which there are two.  The Sweet Sugar Eyes (I know, how lovely is that name?) is a dinkly little duo of shadow colour available in five shades – Sugar Pink Beige, Sugar Gray, Sugar Blue, Sugar Yellow Gold and Sugar Brown.  I have Sugar Blue which I can’t see myself wearing as I have blue eyes and struggle to get the right blue shade for my eye colour (it was actually the RMK artist who I met at the last event who advised me against wearing anything too blue on my eyes) but I do love the look of the Sugar Gray shade which leans a little khaki.  The great thing about these duos is that you can use each colour individually or run a brush over both to create a new colour.  These are £21 each.  Next in the eye category there’s the W Colour Mascara, a concept I absolutely love.  Each mascara is double-ended with a standard sized brush at one end, and a dinky one at the other, and each mascara has two different colour combinations.  There are five duos available, and these are – Black and Pink (pictured), Brown and Orange, Blue and Violet, Indigo and Green and Dark Grey and Yellow.  I love the fact that the little brush allows for either a splash of colour on the lower lashes, or carefully applied hints of colour on the upper lashes.  These are £25 each.

RMK Vintage Sweets CheeksPIN IT

Next up are my favourites of the collection, which are the cheek products.  Starting with the four shades of the Vintage Candy Cheeks – Candy Pink, Candy Rose, Candy Red Rose and Candy Mocha Brown.  Pictured is Candy Red Rose but I quite frankly want THEM ALL.  There’s just something so delicately pretty about these, don’t you think? As you can see, there are two shades in the blusher, but these are a little trickier to separate, however, you can definitely use the highlighter shade on its own.  These are £20.  Next is the product I was most excited about, the Vintage Sweets Face Colour, which comes in two variants and is designed to add luminosity to the face and as a general finishing product.  Both colourways are STUNNING – there’s Blue Lilac or Yellow Green – but I was very happy to get the Yellow Green as it colour-corrects and tones down redness.  These are £33.

RMK Vintage Sweets Lips and TipsPIN IT

Now on to lips and tips, starting with tips.  There are five new limited edition Nail Colour shades, all of which are slightly pastel-leaning to work alongside the Vintage Sweets.  There’s also a couple of Nail Art Liners in equally dreamy shades to compliment the collection – the shades are Smoky Beige and Smoky Grey.  The five new nail shades are – Smoky Beige (pictured), Smoky Pink, Smoky Blue, Smoky Green and Smoky Purple and these are £14 each.  Lastly we have the Drop Gloss which comes in four shades and each one has it’s own signature flavour! The four choices are – Rose, Maple Syrup, Cassis and Butterscotch with Cassis pictured. These are real ‘wow’ glosses as they look stunning, smell wonderful and deliver a strong hint of colour that can be built-up, making them great all-rounders at £14.50 each.

RMK Vintage SweetsPIN IT

There we have it! Lots of girly prettiness in an almost edible form to brighten up your dressing table.  If you’re looking for just a couple of recommendations, you can’t go wrong with either the Face Colour, the W Colour Mascara or one of the Cheek Colours.  Everything is available now from Selfridges here – link.

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  • Heather
    February 13, 2015

    It look like a gorgeous collection, I love RMK cosmetics x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

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