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Boots No7 Core Collection ReviewPIN IT

At the start of the year I posted about the fact that Boots No7 were phasing out their old brush line and replacing it with a new range, which you can read about here.  The old range is now nothing but a distant memory, and in its place we have a relatively comprehensive line of brushes to cover every make-up need.  I said I’d follow up with some reviews on the brushes once I’d had a chance to play, so here’s my review of the Boots No7 Core Collection Brush Set.

Boots No7 Core CollectionPIN IT

Firstly, I’ll say straight out that I think it’s a real shame that they replaced their old range – the saying ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ springs to mind.  The old range, whilst a little old fashioned to look at, contained some of the very best brushes you could get in their mid-range price bracket, with special commendation given to their base brushes which were just fab.  The new brushes are much more synthetic and plasticky in feel.  They look more attractive with their sleek, matte black handles, but the brushes are nowhere near as good as the old range with a couple of the brushes being truly rubbish – such an absolute shame.

Boots No7 Core Collection ReviewsPIN IT

The Core Collection contains 4 brushes; No7 Foundation Brush, No7 Concealer Brush, No7 Eye Colour Brush and No7 Blusher Brush.  The Foundation Brush is quite good – it moves base around effectively to allow for blending into nooks and crannies, plus it’s firm enough for precise application.  The Concealer Brush is my most used out of the four as it’s quite large, meaning you can apply a decent amount of product making it especially handy for colour correcting large areas.

Boots No7 Core Collection Brush RollPIN IT

The Eye Colour Brush is very ‘meh’; it applies colour but that’s about it and you do need to go over it with something else to buff the colour in.  Finally, the Blusher Brush is the least useful of the bunch as it applies colour in blotches, meaning you have to go over it with another brush for buffing away any harsh edges. The major redeeming factor of this set is that it comes in a very handy brush roll that you can squeeze quite a few brushes into – it has space for eight, but most of those spaces can fit several brushes in, making it a  very useful tool.  The Boots No7 Core Collection Brush Set is £23 here – link.

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  • Isha Mathur
    March 24, 2015

    O my goodness….these brushes are soo pretty and seem to be soo smooth

    • Sascha
      Isha Mathur
      March 26, 2015

      They are pretty but it’s such a shame they’ve replaced the old ones! xx

  • Discovering Beauty
    March 30, 2015

    Oh no, I didn’t realise they were having a revamp, their eye crease brush was fantastic, especially since I got it extra cheap using vouchers. I would have got a few spares!

    • Sascha
      Discovering Beauty
      March 30, 2015

      Is that the one that was a lot like Mac’s 217? It is a real shame they’ve changed so much xx

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