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Pur Minerals Wake Up Brow PencilsPIN IT

More brow loveliness, with today’s installment coming courtesy of Pur Minerals.  The Pur Minerals Wake Up Brow Pencils are double-ended and available in 4 shades – from lightest to darkest, Latte, Blonde Roast, Espresso and Mocha – and I have the 2 lightest shades of Latte and Blonde Roast.  I have to say, as a hardcore coffee fan I’m digging the coffee shade name references.

Pur Minerals Wake Up Brow Pencils ReviewPIN IT

Both Latte and Blonde Roast are red-leaning, which is a shame as there needs to be an ashier shade for us paleys.  Having said that, neither of them show up particularly red once applied.

Pur Minerals Wake Up Brow Pencils Both EndsPIN IT

It’s my experience with brow pencils that you either get buttery, creamy formulas that apply like a dream but don’t hang around for too long, or you get firmer, trickier to apply pencils that need a good bit of blending, but once in place, tend to stay put.  The Pur Minerals Wake Up Brow pencils fall into the latter category, however they blend really well so they’re not too hard to work into a natural finish.

Pur Minerals Wake Up Brow Pencils Latte and Blonde Roast SwatchesPIN IT

At one end of the pencil you’ll find the brow colour, and at the other a highlighting pencil.  I can’t say with any real certainty whether the colours of the highlighters are different for each pencil – to me they look like they are, but that might just be my eyes playing tricks on me.  The highlight end can be used for two main purposes; along the waterline for an eye-opening effect, or my personal favourite, to sketch and highlight a decent brow shape.  The highlight effect comes from colour rather than shimmer, so you can achieve a very natural, sculpted finish.

Pur Minerals Wake Up Brow PencilPIN IT

I won’t say these are my all-time favourite brow pencils but they’re certainly very good and I will continue to use them.  I flit back between Latte for low-key days and Blonde Roast for when I need a slightly stronger finish, but neither shades are too dark or unnatural so I would imagine they’d make great matches for anyone pale to medium skin toned.  They’re available now for £14 a go here – link.

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