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A little bit of sun this weekend has turned my thoughts to sunny weather skin prep, so I’m thinking hair removal and possible fake tanning.  As a brand, I really rate Veet and I’m always keen to find out what’s new, so I was very excited to get my hands on their Spawax kit, especially as I absolutely love their Easywax Electrical Roll-On device.

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The Veet Spawax kit takes at-home removal to the next level, by literally giving you a home-based take on a typical salon wax set-up.  In the kit you get a little tub heater where you plonk your wax discs, a spatula that sits within the pot – very well designed as otherwise you’re pretty much guaranteed to lose the spatula within days – and a lid that turns shut for safety.  You also get six wax discs in the Purple Lily and Sugar Fig variant (there’s also a White Orchid and Vanilla ‘flavour’ available to buy) which is stated to be enough to wax both lower legs, underarms and the bikini line.  Six discs will set you back £8.99, which sounds a lot, but if you compare it to how much the same thing would cost at a salon then that puts it into perspective.

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The Spawax system is very easy to set-up, you just plop the discs in the tub, plug it in, leave it for about 20 minutes, give the wax a mix with the spatula and then start your waxing.  This is a strip-free system as the wax dries into a strip that you then whip off.  Therefore you use the spatula to apply a strip, leave it to dry for around 20 seconds (you touch it to test whether it’s dry or still sticky) then you pull it away.  Obviously the application of the wax itself takes a bit of knack as you need to apply it so you leave a lip to grab hold of and remove.

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I am not the ideal candidate for a fair review of the Veet Spawax Kit as I don’t do a lot of at-home waxing, I either go to a salon or I shave.  I think waxing takes quite a bit of courage as you need to grab the strip and pull it with gusto knowing that it’s going to hurt…I’m just not good at this! I really struggled with getting the wax right as I found that if I took a big enough scoop of wax, it would start dripping everywhere before I got it on to my leg, but if I didn’t scoop enough, I wouldn’t have a thick enough strip to pull out the hairs, so a few would get left behind.  I also had a hard time creating the lip that you need at the end of the strip to give you something to grip on to – consequently, a few times I had to pick at it to get the strip going which was horrendously uncomfortable as, as you’re doing that, you’re also slowly pulling out hairs.  Not nice!

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Consequently, this is the sort of kit that I think would be perfect for those who do a lot of at-home waxing and aren’t scared to get stuck in.  It’s messy but a good body oil will remove any residue, however I do think Veet should include some of their wipes to get you started, just in case you don’t have an oil to hand. This is pretty much exactly as you would find in a salon, which is great if you possess the skill and technique, but not so great if you’re like me and lack both those elements.  Having said that, I do think that if I persevered I could get the hang of it and actually find this kit quite handy, but I’m not going to, and instead I’ll be sticking with the much easier Easywax system.  To summarise, if you’re experienced at at-home waxing, definitely give this a go, but if you’re not, go for the Easywax instead.  The Veet Spawax kit is £39.99 and can be found here – link.

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  • Angela
    March 10, 2015

    i like the idea of a home waxing kit but I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to pain so not sure I would be able to remove the strips myself.

    • Sascha
      March 10, 2015

      Yup, that’s pretty much the same problem I had – I managed to do it about 15 times which was roughly the whole half leg, but there were a few occasions that took quite a bit of courage…

  • cris
    May 15, 2015

    Hi…I have a few questions, if anybody has answers I would appreaciate greatly it.I am highly experienced wth home waxing so if anybody needs advice I am also here to answer. One of the things that gives beginers trouble is creating the lip…this can be easoly done if you tap your finger on the sude whr u want the lip right after u put o the wax. The wax will then stick to your finger and lift. U shouldn’t wait for 30 sec..this is too long…just keep tapping the wax wth ur finger and when it doesn’t stick anymore…it is time to pull. Now…if u used this kit and could ket me know if:
    Does the wax stay at a constant bearable temperature ? For how long ?did u feel at any point that u should unplug it and leave the wax to cool off ?
    is the consistance of tge wax gummy like ? When u pull it does it feel elastic like chewing gum or diest it seem to break and becomes rigid very fast ?

    • Sascha
      May 22, 2015

      Hi Cris,

      I only tried this out the once as I’m crap at home-waxing, but hopefully I can help! The wax does stay a constant and bearable temperature until you shut the machine down. The idea is that you don’t have to rush and can leave it on for however long you like. It was very much like chewing gum and I found it tricky to work with – I struggled to get enough on the spatula without it ‘dribbling’ and leaving stretches of wax everywhere; I found it messy! It didn’t go rigid and even when dry it maintained a bit of flexibility. Hopefully that helps! xx

  • Karen
    November 4, 2015

    I am curious as to why they do not recommend this wax for facial use? Anyone know? Is the temperature perhaps?
    Has anyone tried?

  • Natalia
    January 8, 2017

    Please would I you help Me? Can I use this little pot from Veet with other time of wax? I prefer strips, I was wonder if I can used for that? Is only for my eyebrows any upper lip.

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