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The Boots #GiveItAGo promotion appears to be occurring relatively regularly now, and I always look forward to it as I think it’s such a great and sensible concept; for those who are unfamiliar, Boots put together a few suggestions and beauty ideas for you to try that might gently pull you out of your comfort zone and give you the opportunity to experiment and try something new, hence the “Give It A Go” encouragement.  The most recent suggestions consist of six ideas, with a real ‘something for everyone’ feel.  Here’s a closer look at the suggestions:

Boots #GiveItAGo Azure EyesPIN IT

There are three makeup ideas, the first of which is Azure Eyes which, as the name suggests, suggests trying a pop of Azure on the eye, which can be either a bright line, a wash of smudged colour or even just a tiny splodge on the centre of the lashline to catch the light.  I really like the No7 Smudger brush pictured above, which allows you to blend and buff colour in if you don’t want the look to be too in your face.

Boots #GiveItAGo Red LipsPIN IT

The next makeup look is Red Lips, a classic that I think most people would have tried at some point, but it can be tricky to get right without the right tools.  A strong, statement red lip needs a good brush for applying colour, plus a lip liner to keep everything in a stop any colour bleeding whilst also adding definition.  If you’re intimidated by such a strong statement or you can’t face having to put in quite so much effort, there are lots of lovely red tinted lip balms that’ll give you the colour without the maintenance.

Boots #GiveItAGo ContouringPIN IT

Last of the makeup ideas focuses on Contouring, which is still as popular as ever and shows no signs of dying out.  The basics of contouring mean you’ll need a darker colour, a lighter colour and something to apply it with.  Whilst it isn’t strictly contouring as such, you can use any bronzer you have to add subtle definition where the sun might hit for a natural glow, then finish off with some highlighter to add light.  You can do this all with your fingers or a basic powder brush, but if you’re going to get serious then a good contouring brush is your friend, plus try and hunt down an ashier toned colour for adding shadows to your face.

Boots #GiveItAGo Power PlaitPIN IT

Now on to the first of the hair ideas which is Power Plaits.  I’ve never been able to plait my hair so this is definitely not one I’ll be trying, but the expert advice from Enzo Volpe suggests ensuring there’s plenty of texture in the hair before you start, which can be achieved with the help of talc powder apparently! A detail brush helps the hair look undone and not too neat, and of course you need a good hairband to fix the hair in place – I personally really rate Scunci as I get on really well with their hairbands.

Boots #GiveItAGo Woodstock WavesPIN IT

The final of the hair suggestions is the Woodstock Waves which is much more up my street.  Texture, loose waves and general beach hair is such a great and easy hair look to work when the weather starts warming up, so using mousse for a bit of a volume, wax for texture and hairspray to keep everything in place makes for perfect holiday hair that’s both quick and easy.

Boots #GiveItAGo Negative Space NailsPIN IT

Last up we have Negative Space Nails, which is a big trend at the moment but I’m really not a fan, although this is probably because I don’t really like the look of bare nails.  I am, however, absolutely loving the WAH London Nail Art Pens as they make nail doodling sooo easy – I’ve tried quite a few nail art pens and never have I found them as easy to use as these, so definitely give them a go if you’re like me and a bit crap with nail art; I managed to do a leopard print (okay, not exactly complicated, but I was impressed with myself…) so easily with these, so they are keepers for me.

Hopefully some of the ideas here will inspire you to try something new, especially as there are quite a few 3for2 offers available on various brands at Boots.  To find out more, head here – link.

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