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In my post on the Bourjois Spring launches I mentioned there were some new additions to the Bourjois brow products collection, and now I’ve had a chance to have a play with them, I thought I’d share my thoughts on three of the products – the existing Sourcil Precision, the new Brow Natural pen and the new Brow Design brow fixing mascara.

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Unfortunately the shades I have are a little too warm for me, however they’re still very wearable and I’m using them quite a bit, but they’re not quite a perfect match – give me an ashier version of these colours and I’ll be in brow heaven.  I do find that everyone has a different way of doing their brows; I like to sketch in a shape, fill in any spare areas and then fix into place.  The above picture is of me with all my make-up apart from my brows which are still bare.

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As I said, I start by sketching in the shape with the Sourcil Precision which is a pretty much the Goldilocks of brow pencils and you should try it immediately if you’re always struggling to find a pencil that’s just right.

Bourjois Brows Sourcil PrecisionPIN IT

It’s firm enough for sketching and staying in place, yet creamy enough for a natural finish.  I literally draw in my eye brow shape and blend it down with the included brow brush.  These are £4.99 here – link.

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I then fill in any gaps in my brows with the Brow Natural which is a spongy, felt-tip style pen that delivers just enough ‘ink’ to leave hair-like flecks without looking OTT.  It’s very easy to use and I hope they expand the colours to include something a little ashier as I’ll definitely pick it up if they do.

Bourjois Brows Brow NaturalPIN IT

I did think at first that the thick felt tip nib would prove troublesome and deliver too much product, but thankfully that isn’t the case.  Instead you have a very easy-to-use product that fills in gaps perfectly.  These will be £6.99 each when they arrive in June.

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Finally we have the Brow Design, which is a brow mascara that’s quite a bit different to other brow mascaras as it contains a brush the size of a mascara wand, whereas I’m used to far smaller wands in brow mascaras.  The great thing about this is that the wand that holds the brush is very flexible and bendy, so if you apply too much pressure then the wand gives meaning you’re unlikely to overdo it.

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Having said that, it’s still a large wand that doesn’t make for the easiest of application and does leave a lot of product on the brow.  It works well at directing the brow hairs into position and keeping them there, but it’s probably my least favourite of the bunch.  I do still use it though as it does the job.  It’ll be £7.99 when it launches in June.

Bourjois Brows Before and AfterPIN IT

I’m thrilled that Bourjois have expanded their brow range as they’re such a reliably good range, so you know when they add something new, it’s going to be good – thankfully that’s the case for their new brow products too.  I apologise for the fact that I demonstrated the brow products on brows that were due a tidy-up, it’s safe to say they work even better on neat brows!

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