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Ecotools Complexion Collection ReviewPIN IT

Do you know of EcoTools? They’ve been around for quite some time yet they still don’t seem to be very well known, which is a shame as some of their brushes are pretty fantastic, especially if you consider their very low price point.  They’ve recently expanded their collection to include four more brushes aimed at perfecting the application of base products.

Ecotools Complexion CollectionPIN IT

The EcoTools Complexion Collection has proved extremely popular and I’ve struggled to find a bad word said about any of the brushes, but unfortunately for me the results of trying these out were a bit mixed.  One brush I think is fantastic, one is pretty good, one is ‘meh’ and one is rubbish…

Ecotools Complexion Collection Mattifying FinishPIN IT

Starting with the biggest brush – the ‘meh’ brush for me – which is the Mattifying Finish, a big powder brush designed to buff in powder which can be used for either setting products or powder foundations.  I haven’t tried it with powder foundations so maybe I’m missing a trick here, but for setting powder it applies it fine – it picks up the right amount and sits it on the skin nicely, although the bristles are a little too scratchy to buff product in, however that might just be my currently sensitive skin.  It’s £7.99.

Ecotools Complexion Collection Skin PerfectingPIN IT

Now on to the rubbish brush, which is the Skin Perfecting Brush.  It’s designed to be used with BB and CC Creams but for me it left such a streaky finish that it made the whole process a lot more work.  Again, the bristles are quite scratchy so the brush doesn’t lend itself to buffing since it would end up making my skin quite red if I tried.  It’s £6.99.

Ecotools Complexion Collection Eye PerfectingPIN IT

The Eye Perfecting Brush is quite good and I like the concept; it’s a relatively large (for it’s purpose) concealer brush designed to work concealer into the under eye area.  It hooks nicely into the crevice by the corner of the nose/under eye – an area I often struggle to get a good blend in – and for that I have to give it credit, however, if the bristles were softer this would go from “not bad” to “absolute essential”.  It’s £5.99.

Ecotools Complexion Collection Correcting ConcelaerPIN IT

Now on to my favourite of the pack, which is also the cheapest; the Correcting Concealer Brush is a small, stumpy, densely packed brush that you use to almost stamp concealer on to spots and blemishes.  I’ve always been a fan of stamping product on to spots so this product jumped out at me immediately.  Again, not great bristles, but for this purpose it doesn’t really matter.  The key with this is to dip it into concealer, the get the majority of the product on to your hand and apply a little at a time to the area you want to conceal, otherwise you’ll be there forever.  It’s £4.99.

Normally the great thing about EcoTools is how lovely their brushes feel; soft, gentle and almost luxurious, an impressive feat for such a budget range, but this time around the brushes do feel cheap due to the bristles, which is a real shame as I think, with better bristles, the whole range would perform much better.  Having said that, I seem to be in the minority with my opinion and as I said, everyone seems to love them, so maybe it’s just me! The range launches at the end of this month.

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  • Andrea
    April 27, 2015

    I’ve been wanting to buy these brushes for my makeup course but I can’t find the whole set anywhere that ships to the UK, do you know where I can find them? 🙂

    • Sascha
      May 10, 2015

      That’s a really good point and I’m not too sure as they don’t seem to be widely available! Do you mean you want to buy the whole lot in a set or you just want to find somewhere selling all four of them?

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