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Pixi Palette Bronzette ReviewPIN IT

I’ve been meaning to post about the Pixi Palette Bronzette for absolutely ages, but I kept putting it off a I wanted to swatch every shade in the palette itself which I figured would prove to be a hardcore task, but it actually took less than five minutes, so I’m not sure why I was so convinced it would take so long.  Anyway…ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the Pixi Palette Bronzette.

Pixi Palette BronzettePIN IT

Pixi are the absolute champions of “my face, but better” makeup.  Their whole collection is built on flattering tones, gentle textures and enhancing finishes, so whilst you’re unlikely to find cutting edge, fashion-led trends, you will find timeless, wearable classics that you’ll turn to again and again, and none more so than in their most recent palette release, the Palette Bronzette.

Pixi Palette Bronzette ReviewsPIN IT

This is a holiday glow in a palette, with three face products to warm, highlight and lift, alongside a host of extremely flattering and wearable nude shades for eyes.  Everything is covered in the eye shadow section, with a trio for eye highlighting, eyelids, crease shades and finally eye liners.  Everything in the palette contains a shimmer (‘though no glitter in sight, thankfully!) other than the bronzer and one of the eye liner shades.

Pixi Palette Bronzette Swatches HighlightsPIN IT

Starting with the highlighter eye shades which are positioned at the bottom left hand corner of the palette.  You get a yellowy gold, a lilac and a peach shade, all of which work beautifully with the other shades in the eye line-up.

Pixi Palette Bronzette Swatches Eyelid HuesPIN IT

Moving on up to the “eyelid hues” section that contains, as the name suggests, colours suitable for all over the lid.  The three shades are variants on bronze with an orange-leaning bronze, a browner bronze and a true mid bronze.

Pixi Palette Bronzette Swatches Crease ShadowsPIN IT

The Crease shades are quite similar to the Eyelid Hues colours and all fall into the bronze spectrum with an antique gold shade, a mid bronze again (extremely similar, almost duped in the Hues shades above) and a deeper, murkier brown shade.

Pixi Palette Bronzette Swatches Eye LinersPIN IT

The Eye Liners are a great little trio with a matte grey black, a charcoal shot through with gold glitter and a slightly reddened black with gold glitter, the latter of which is very unusual and definitely my favourite.

Pixi Palette Bronzette Swatches Bronzer, Highlighter, BlusherPIN IT

The three face shades include a stunning shimmery pink – pretty much the ultimate face-lifting and highlighting blush that looks a little terrifying on the swatch, but man is it lovely on the skin, and it blends like a dream, then the highlighting shade which is again quite scary on the swatch, but it’s very flattering on the face (it doesn’t look half as golden on the skin as it appears in the swatch) and lastly the bronze shade, which is very pigmented but blends out nicely, although it’s quite orangey, so anyone very ashy might have a hard time with this.  Having said that, I’m pretty ashy and I think it works well on my skin tone.

Pixi Palette Bronzette FOTDPIN IT

All the formulas and textures are designed to sort of float across the skin and gently enhance, so you won’t get deep, intense colour payoff – especially with the liner shades which glide across the eye adding subtle definition.  The Pixi Palette Bronzette is like a seasonal transition for your beauty – it provides you with everything you need to warm up your skin and delicately enhance your eyes, giving you a proper Summer finish.  It’s also so incredibly easy thanks to the sections that tell you where to put what.  In the picture below I have on a Clarins foundation, a bareMinerals brow pencil and a Bourjois mascara, but everything else is from this beautiful set, which will set you back a mere £24 here – link – which works out at less than a pound for each powder.

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