Quick Pick Tuesday: CosRx Pimple Master Patches

CosRx Pimple Master Patches ReviewsPIN IT

If you’re spot-prone (and you know it, clap your hands – *clap, clap*) then you’ll know how annoyingly stubborn certain spots can be.  In my experience, there’s no real reason behind why some will appear and disappear within a day or two (shy, maybe?) whilst others will hang around so long that you end up naming them and including them when you sign off on birthday cards.  Anyway, CosRx have come to the rescue with some great little patches that you stick on top of a spot, and basically suffocate them.  It’s grim, but it works.

CosRx Pimple Master Patches ReviewPIN IT

The CosRx Pimple Master Patches are literally as they sound and are based on wound-healing technology, meaning they not only treat the spots, but they also help prevent any post-acne marks too.  They come in a sheet of various sizes, although I did have one particularly nasty eruption that was too big for even their biggest patch (I thought you’d enjoy that imagery) so they could definitely do with making a larger size.  These are not for those who have acne, but more so for people who get spots here and there or hormonal breakouts, mainly because it wouldn’t be cost effective for anyone who has lots of regular spots; I think you get about 25 in the pack.  The most impressive impact the patches had was on the size and height of the spot itself; it not only calmed the inflammation, it also shrunk the spot so it was easier to cover (they do say you can apply make-up over the patch – I haven’t tried this but as the patch is quite shiny I’d say it probably won’t look too natural…I’ll report back if my findings are different!) and just generally a lot smaller all round.  This is a fab little product, great for anyone prone to occasional breakouts and I will definitely be repurchasing.  They are £10 from the awesome Cult Beauty here – link.

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