Massage, Manicure and Pedicure at Beauty & Melody, London

Beauty & Melody Salon London

I have had a truly pampering time recently, going for all sorts of treat(ment)s that have included a luxurious medical facial, a cut and colour and what I’ll be writing about today, which is an afternoon of indulgent pampering at Beauty & Melody, which is a Central London based salon covering all aspects of beauty.

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Beauty & Melody is easily accessible, just a couple of minutes walk from Marble Arch station and on a junction with plenty of parking spots.  The salon itself is open, friendly, spacious and quirky/cute – there’s a beautiful white piano in the middle of the hair salon which you can just about see in my picture above!  Just off the salon itself are various private treatment rooms (there’s also a private treatment area for hair if you don’t fancy getting it done in the open space) and a fantastic private pedicure room, where you can get your feet done in total privacy.  I think this is especially handy at the start of the Summer when you might want to get your toes taken care of after a few months being hidden in winter shoes, as they might not be looking their best, so it’s nice to get them sorted in private.

Beauty and Melody Salon London Review

All my treatments were administered by the lovely Michaela, who was warm and friendly but also happy to get on with the treatments and leave me to my coffee, magazines and Bloglovin’ app.  My afternoon of pampering started with an hour long, full body massage which was just wonderful.  It’s been so long since I’ve had a full massage as I tend to prioritise more functional treatments such as facials and manicures, so it was lovely to indulge.  Michaela was very intuitive with the pressure and would react to any movements (if I tensed up, she’d lighten up, etc) meaning I didn’t have to say anything throughout the treatment.  I also liked the fact that the music, whilst mellow, was actually quite loud, as it meant I couldn’t hear my own breathing and didn’t get distracted by things like a growling stomach (I’m always hungry in the afternoon…) which is a small thing to focus on, but it makes a big difference during a session of relaxation.

Beauty & Melody Salon London Review Pedicure

My next treatment was the pedicure in the aforementioned pedicure room.  You sit in a big, comfy chair with your choice of drink and get stuck-in to recent magazines whilst your feet are pampered.  The pedicure was thorough and relaxing, with more massage and lots of time invested in hard skin removal and general skin polishing and buffing.  It was a great treatment that really left my feet looking well taken care of.  We finished with the manicure which took place in the main salon and it was just as thorough as the pedicure.  I was particularly pleased to see they used Seche Vite as a topcoat (I always find it quite astounding when somewhere that offers nail treatments doesn’t use Seche Vite!) and I brought my own polishes with me – you can see my finished manicure here, although this is after a couple of days when my raggedy cuticles have re-raggeded themselves…I had a lovely time at Beauty & Melody and I especially like the fact that even though they’re London based, they don’t take the mickey with their pricing structure; an hour long massage is £60, a manicure is £25 and a pedicure is £35.  Check out their site here – link.

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