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Fragrance Reviews July 2015PIN IT

I originally put this post together with the view to making it a Summer-themed, fragrance post, before realising that it was turning into a bit of a gush-fest as these are my current favourite fragrance loves.  I think we’ve been pretty lucky this year with fragrance releases as there have been some absolute joys arriving on the scene, alongside a couple of cult classics that need no modernising.

Fragrance Loves July 2015PIN IT

Since starting to do a lot more on fragrances I’ve definitely found my scent-style – I like scents that have dominant floral notes with ideally something a bit fruity or musky in the mix.  All of these fragrances have featured previously on the blog, so I’ll link to the reviews and give you a quick summary of what they’re about and why I love them.

Marc Jacobs PhilosopyPIN IT

First up is the extremely pretty Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Sorbet Edition is the latest in a long line of gorgeous Daisy scents, with this one being a limited edition combination of fruity, floral and musky notes that give it a really lovely, Summery scent.  Here’s my full review.  Next is the classic that is Philosophy Amazing Grace, a scent that is just so wonderfully pretty and girly scent that has musk at the base, florals at the heart and fruit at the top, although the fruit is quite subtle.  I take pleasure in trying and loving so many different fragrances, but I almost always come back to this one! I haven’t actually reviewed this individually, but you can see my post on the amazing QVC TSV from a little while back here.

Diptyque Roberto CavalliPIN IT

I love everything about Valeur Absolue Sensualite, as not only is the fragrance a lovely, light, feminine scent great for daytime, it’s housed in a gorgeous bottle that contains mother of pearl.  It’s a small thing that really adds to the overall joy of displaying a bottle of perfume on your dressing table and I really, really love the fragrance too, which has spicy, floral notes at the top and heart, all sitting on a musk and amber base.  It’s a sexy, simple scent that always gets lot of compliments when worn – here’s my full review.  I’ve had Diptyque Olene for a few months now and it still does funny things to me! If it was viable, I would cover my home, head-to-toe, in Olene, with absolutely everything scented with the rich jasmine notes of this glorious fragrance.  However, as I get quite a lot of fragrance to review, this is sadly not possible.  This is totally floral scent that’s all about the jasmine, and it’s also the oldest on the list having first arrived in the 80s.  Here’s my full review.  Finally, we have my scent of summer which is Paradiso by Roberto Cavalli.  If you haven’t managed to get away this year, find a nice quiet spot, ideally with some sun light, and spray Paradiso all around you.  You’ll be transported to a tropical island for a few moments as the citrus, pine and jasmine turn everything Summery.  Check out my full review here.

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