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The AW2015 releases from GOSH are absolutely brilliant and well worth getting excited about.  There are four categories in total, lips, base, nails and a mascara, all of which are bringing something new and/or interesting to the high street market.  This’ll probably be a bit of a lengthy post so I won’t write too much of an intro, so instead let’s get straight to it!

Gosh Boombastic Swirl MascaraPIN IT

First up is the Boombastic Swirl Mascara, which is a bit of a BB style mascara since it provides both skincare and make-up benefits. It’s designed to be an all-rounder, providing length, volume and definition, plus the brush covers all the brush types, meaning you should be able to achieve pretty much any kind of desired mascara effect by holding the brush as a slightly different angle.

Gosh Boombastic Swirl Mascara BrushPIN IT

The formula contains Argan Oil and Bamboo Extract to leave lashes feeling stronger and nourished, which I personally love the idea of – even on days where I go for very little make-up, I’ll always wear mascara, so it makes sense to use a product that will condition my lashes at the same time.  GOSH do great mascaras generally so I’m looking forward to putting The Boombastic Swirl Mascara through its paces.  It’s £8.49 here and launches in August.

Gosh Nail CarePIN IT

Next up are the nail care launches, which consist of 4 new products.  The Nail & Cuticle Oils comes in a nail polish like bottle with a similar style applicator.  I love a good cuticle oil so I’m hoping this’ll be easy to use and carry around for on-the-go touch-ups.  The Fast Dry Drops are, as the name suggests, drops that’ll speed up the drying of nail polish.  There’s a 2in1 Nail Hardener that can be used either as a base coat under polish, or on it’s own as an all-round strengthener.  Finally, there’s a Gel Look Top Coat that’s designed to give the plump, glossy finish of gel nails.  All these are £4.99 each and launching in August.

Gosh Foundation DropsPIN IT

Now on to the first of the two launches that I’m most excited about, which are the Foundation Drops.  These are a high street answer to the serum foundations that you’ll find in most luxe brands and they’re designed to offer buildable and hydrating coverage with an SPF10.  There are only five shades available and they don’t span a great level of colour – darker skin tones will struggle – but if your mid-toned (not too pale or too dark) then you should find a match.

Gosh Foundation Drops Swatches 002 Ivory and 004 NaturalPIN IT

The fives shades are, starting from lightest to darkest, 002 Ivory, 005 Natural, 006 Tawny, 008 Honey and 010 Tan.  Swatched above are 002 Ivory and 005 Natural.  I’m hoping the spacing between the numbers suggests that more shades are on their way, as I bet this will be an extremely popular product for £12.99 a pop when it launches in August.

Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick MattPIN IT

Finally, the new matte formulations of the Velvet Touch Lipsticks, which I’m very excited about! I love a good matte product and they’ve provided a great colour spectrum of eight shades.  They contain hyaluronic acid to keep lips hydrated, so they should be the perfect matte lipstick, however, I’ll follow-up with a more thorough review once I’ve had a chance to fully test out some of the shades.

Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick Matt SwatchesPIN IT

The shades are 001 Matt Baby Lips, 002 Matt Rose, 003 Matt Antique, 004 Matt Coral 005 Matt Classic Red, 006 Matt Raspberry, 007 Matt Cherry and 008 Matt Plum.  I love the fact that there are four different red shades; who doesn’t want to find the perfect red matte lip colour? Standout favourites based on the swatches are Matt Coral, Matt Rose, and, I don’t normally go for such a pale nude, but there’s something rather lovely about the creamy shade of Matt Baby Lips too.  These are £6.99 a pop and also launch in August.

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