Guest Post: What You Should Be Looking For When Buying A Cleanser

Close-up of a young woman splashing water on her face

PIN IT Close-up of a young woman splashing water on her face


For the majority of girls out there who didn’t inherit the genes required to have flawless skin, an essential part of your beauty routine comes at the end of the day with your skin cleansing. Not only does this keep your skin healthy, hydrated, and free of dirt, but it also ensures your skin is fresh and renewed for whatever challenge the next day brings.

To keep your skin looking at its optimum, using the right type of cleanser is a must and picking the right cleanser for your skin can sometimes be a very confusing process.

There are certain questions you need to ask when buying a cleanser, chief of which is ‘how well does it clean?’ – meaning does it remove everything your skin could be exposed to on a day to day basis not just including make-up and sunscreen but grime and grease too.

The problem with choosing a cleanser is that you don’t necessarily know how it will perform until you try. You want it to clean well but not to the extent that it strips everything off your skin and dries it out.

Before buying a cleanser it is a good idea to get online and read some reviews. These can vary wildly between informative and irrelevant but they usually help you form an opinion on whether the cleanser is right for you. If buying online, some companies even offer samples before you purchase.

If buying your cleanser on the high street, some people like to test it on their hand before trying it out, although this isn’t the best indicator as the skin is inherently different to the more porous kind on your face. However if the skin on your hand immediately feels dry and squeaky then you know it’s not for you.

One of the best ways to check the suitability of a cleanser is to look at the ingredients. If any contain the words ‘lauryl’ and ‘sulphate’ then chances are it’s going to be harsh on your skin and dry it out. It goes without say that the more natural ingredients there are in your cleanser then the better it’s going to be on your skin, so products such as Deep Sea Cleanse – which is suitable for all skin types and contains marine plant extracts, various fruit oils, and vitamins – are a godsend.

If everything is hunky-dory after making your purchase then now is the time to test out the cleanser. See how it feels on your face after it is washed off for the first time. If your skin makes a squeaking sound or feels dry, don’t counteract this with the use of a moisturiser and continue to use it as you’ll only suffer later on. If your skin feels fine then check how much residue there is. A simple way of doing this is to wipe your finger on your cleaned skin then wipe it down a mirror – if the residue is clear then your cleanser is working perfectly. If not, it’s back to the drawing board.

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  • hayley f
    July 21, 2015

    Thankyou for writing about this. I struggle with what cleansers to buy and have never thought to look at the ingredients. I will do from now on x

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