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New week, new blog! I’ve finally finished the design of my blog and I’m pretty happy with it – it’s not perfect, nor will it ever be, but I feel like I’ve done all I can to get it to the point that I’m happy with it and I’ve learned a lot of handy little skills along the way, so it’s been a very exciting, and surprisingly not-scary experience redesigning my own blog! I used a template design from PipDig before doing lots of little tweaks and add-ons until I felt that it was where I wanted it to be with regards to how it looks.

Now on to the content, of which I’ve adapted a little to allow for more variety.  As I’ve been doing quite a few non-beauty posts lately that have been unexpectedly well received, I wanted to give them their own space on the blog as I’ve got so many things I’d like to share that tend to fall more under the “lifestyle” umbrella, plus I have plans to extend the blog further once I move (whenever that may be – hopefully very soon) and share all aspects of my life through the blog, so I have more categories now as you will see in the header menu above.  Firstly, there’s the Beauty Geek tab, which, if you hover over you’ll see drops down to reveal the Skincare and Makeup tabs too, so if you fancy looking at just Beauty, click on Beauty Geek, and if you want to look at all s.kincare then click on Skincare and all make-up then click on Make-Up.  Next is a whole tab dedicated to my beautiful Teddy, so all Teddy posts can now be found under Baby Geek.

More Geek is where you’ll find three more categories: Home Geek, Food Geek and London Geek.  Home Geek is a new one that’ll include anything to do with home posts; this is the category that’ll expand a lot more once I’ve moved, but in the meantime, it’ll contain any home bits and bobs such as home fragrances, kitchen devices and of course candles.  Next is Food Geek which is the category I’m most excited about, as I’ll be sharing more and more food stuff with you.  I’m by no means a cook or foodie, but I do love food and I have been starting to try and eat a lot more healthily recently, so here’s the category where you’ll find all the food posts such as recipe ideas, health hacks and gadgets.  Lastly, London Geek is actually a category I’ve had for quite a while that’s often included beauty treatments and experiences I’ve had in London (where I live) so I’m just expanding this to cover more of the same, with more of a lifestyle focus.

As I’m evolving the site to contain more lifestyle content, I thought long and hard about whether I should change the name, before deciding to keep it as Beauty Geek, with the reason being that most content will still be about beauty and this will still be a beauty blog, just with some lifestyle thrown in for good measure.  I’m so excited about the future of my additional content and I can’t wait to hear what you think!


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  • Ms Gilly Clara
    July 24, 2015

    Look forward to reading your newly designed blog x

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