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Makeup Revolution Amazing EylinersPIN IT

As you’ve probably come to expect, one of the newer Makeup Revolution launches, the Amazing Eyeliners, is an absolute cracker of a collection.   There are nine shades in total, split into two categories: the Amazing Eyeliners which contain four shades of everyday colours, and the Amazing Eyeliners Hypocrisy, five brighter colours with impressive payoff.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Eyliners ReviewPIN IT

Starting with the Amazing Eyeliners, the four colours are Black, Iconic Brown, Stardust (black with glitter) and Bad Girl Blue.  My favourite of the bunch is the Bad Girl Blue, which is a very wearable navy shade.  The Iconic Brown is also a lovely, easy and flattering brown that’s actually brown rather than a deep brown that might as well be black.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Eyliners SwatchesPIN IT

The Black shade is a little less pigmented than I’d like and the Stardust shade is probably a bit wasted on me as I tend to use these for mostly tight-lining (more on that later) and I don’t think using a liner with glitter in it is very wise so close to the eyeball.  Having said that, it definitely has it’s place in the collection and the payoff is good – better than the black in fact.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Eyliners Hypocrisy ReviewPIN IT

The Amazing Eyeliners Hypocrisy are my favourite of the collection as they’re fun, bright and pretty.  The five shades are Tipx (white), Crime (pink), Depraved (lilac), Vice (red/orange) and Baddest Blue, the latter of which isn’t pictured as I was accidentally sent two of the Bad Girl Blue shades instead.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Eyliners Hypocrisy SwatchesPIN IT

As you can see, the payoff with all of these shades is extremely good – all of the swatches are single swipes and none of them have been built-up, so you can see that you end up with a lot of colour with a quick application.  My favourites are Crime and Depraved, both of which are gorgeous, Summery shades.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Eyliners EOTDPIN IT

The consistency of the eyeliners is spot-on; it’s creamy, kohl-like and very easy to use.  The fact that each pencil comes with a built-in sharpener in the lid allows for lots of play, as you can either keep them as at a sharp point and use them as a traditional liner, or you can buff and smudge them in for smokiness.  As they are light and creamy (yet not so creamy that they become sooty and difficult to work with) you can also use them to tight-line, which involves drawing underneath the lashes for light and natural definition, or you can use them on the waterline – either upper lash by going underneath, or lower lash in a typical kohl application.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Eyliners EOTD ReviewPIN IT

I wanted to try out the brighter shades whilst creating a look that was wearable for the daytime, so I used Depraved (lilac) as a smudgy line along the whole upper lash line.  I then blended Bad Girl Blue on the outer edge and ensured the two colours faded into each other in an ombre style.  Finally, I used the Black shade as a tight-line to keep the look defined and allow the colour to peep through rather than dominate.  I really like the effect (apologies for not blending my foundation on my eyelid in the pictures!) and I’m looking forward to trying something similar with the other shades – I think it’s quite a good way to make fairly outrageous shades (hello Vice!) more wearable, and I like the impact of two colours.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Eyliners FOTD ReviewPIN IT

The Makeup Revolution Amazing Eyeliners are a teeny, tiny pound each, all of which can be found here – link.  The Hypocrisy liners are currently available in a special deal where you can buy the whole lot for £4, saving £1 – not bad eh? These are brilliant liners in a great range of colours for a ridiculously affordable price – another win from Makeup Revolution.

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