Timothy Dunn Violette De Lune Home Candle

Timothy Dunn Violette De Lune ReviewPIN IT

The Violette De Lune Home Candle from Timothy Dunn is a truly beautifully presented product; it comes housed in a black, leather-effect casing with contains the equally glamorous glossy black candle with the Timothy Dunn inscription on the side.

Timothy Dunn Violette De LunePIN IT

I was also sent the Rose Gold Candle Lid which keeps the candle clean when not in use, and also acts as a safe and easy way to extinguish the candle – the rose gold shade works especially well with the black candle case, but there are silver and gold versions available too.

Timothy Dunn Violette De Lune CandlePIN IT

The Violette De Lune candle is a fragrance that is right up my street; it’s lead notes are wild jasmine and neroli, but it also contains Moroccan rose, amber woods, patchouli and red tea, which makes for a very exotic fragrance that fits perfectly with the ridiculously balmy weather we’re currently experiencing!

Timothy Dunn Violette De Lune Home CandlePIN IT

I really love the fragrance but annoyingly it doesn’t seem to travel very well; I found that if I was quite near it then it gave off a beautiful scent, but it didn’t travel (I don’t have a particularly large living room) nor did it linger.

Timothy Dunn Violette De Lune Candle ReviewPIN IT

I might be used to candles that really throw their fragrance around – I’ve had people mention the scent at my front door which isn’t particularly near my living room – so I might just be spoiled by strong, powerful candles, and this might be a more delicate, gentle air infusion, but I personally prefer a scent that leaves it’s mark.

Timothy Dunn Violette De Lune Home Candle ReviewPIN IT

In conclusion, I love the presentation and this would probably work really well as a candle to be used during a dinner party or at an occasion when you just want a very gentle scent in the background, but if you like a big, whack of fragrance then you might be disappointed.  The Timothy Dunn Violette De Lune candle is £36 here – link.

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