The Tanning Diaries: Vita Liberata

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I’m not great at keeping to a tanning schedule as I have to time it with when Teddy’s with his dad – mainly because I’m paranoid about handling him when I’m covered in fake tan, OTT but true – so I tend to have a good ol’ fake tanning binge every couple of weeks…and boy do I binge! I’ve been recently trying out some Vita Liberata goodies, with great success; this is the brand for you if you like an extremely natural, healthy glow without an orange streak or smudge in sight.  Seriously, I mucked up the last time and left a massive great splodge on my belly that I thought would look awful once I showered, but it blended out amazingly well, so this is also the brand for you if you’re crap at application!

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The Vita Liberata Luxury Tan Rapid is my favourite of the products I’ve been trying, as it delivers on everything I need from a really good fake tan.  The idea with this is that you control how deep your tan goes, but I wouldn’t be scared as even after the full 3 hours, it’s still a natural colour rather than anything too mahogany.  It makes skin look like it’s caught colour rather than baked, so natural colour lovers will absolutely dig this.  I’ll also mention that even though this says ‘body’ I’ve used it on my neck an face too and it works just as well.  The other body tan product I have is the infamous pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan, which I have to say, I still haven’t plucked up the courage to use! I’m so prone to fake tan muck-ups that I’m nervous about being left with the results of my cack-handedness for 2-3 weeks, but I will try this soon and review it separately.

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Next are the two face products I have, starting with the Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask.  The Vita Liberata range is absolutely huge – there are five face products alone – so I’ll definitely be trying one of the facial tanners as I think a lot of people focus their fake tanning on their face more so than anywhere else.  If you’re one of these people, then you’ll like this overnight mask which acts as both an overnight tanner and a rich moisturiser, allowing you to wake with a natural glow, both from hydration and colour.  The other face product I have is the one I’ve been going ga-ga for, which is the Trystal Minerals Self Tan Bronzing Minerals, of which there are two shades and I have Sunkissed.  The idea is that you use this in place of a bronzer, and after a while, it’ll start leaving a natural hint of colour, even when you take your make-up off.  As a bronzer, these leave a fabulous, glowy, finish that makes skin look extremely healthy and sunkissed, but the jury is still out with regards to whether it leaves colour.  As I love the brand and I’ve read only good things about the powder, I’ll be sticking with it, but I think the fact that I use chemical exfoliators daily and quite a thick foundation probably doesn’t help the fake tan adhere to my skin.  I’ll update after a few more weeks of trialing.

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Finally on to the extras, which is again a comprehensive range of everything you could possibly need to get the perfect tan.  Above is the Moisture Boost, which is a rich body cream that absorbs quickly to leave skin feeling soft and hydrated, but most importantly, it helps maintain the tan and stop it fading.  There are also two mitts pictured, the smaller of which came with the Rapid Tan, and the larger one you can buy.  They’re thin and flexible, which makes for very easy application, but I found the bigger one was a tad small for my massive hands, so I ended up with a build-up of tan on my wrists.  Thankfully Vita Liberata fake tan doesn’t leave dense stains (I wonder how they manage that?!) so it was no biggy, but keep that in mind if you try the mitt with other tan brands.

In conclusion, I was very excited to find out more about Vita Liberata and that excitement still remains now I’ve had a chance to familiarise myself with some of the key products.  It’s a very clever, innovative range that has a big cult following, with some of the most respected Beauty Editors and Bloggers counting it as their favourite brand…and now I know why! Head over to the Vita Liberata site here – link – to check out the full range.

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