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A few times a year, Boots No7 tend to come up with an interesting way to promote their colour line that thankfully deviates from the usual “this colour is really fashionable, you need it in your life” approach that many other brands adopt.  Boots No7 is a brand I associate with creating flattering, wearable colour products that are more about confidence-boosting than fashion-following.  Their latest campaign is called Colour Your Way, which focuses on encouraging us all to be a little braver with our colour choices and do whatever we like with colour – pink doesn’t need to be girly and blue isn’t stuck in the 80s!

Boots Colour Your Way LipsPIN IT

No7 have made it pretty easy to try out a new hue, with some great ideas that should suit even the very colour-shy.  For example, the above lip products are all various takes on a red lip, ranging from the juicy pop of coral in the BB Lips Geranium shade (have you tried BB Lips? Love them!) on the left, to the deeper berry shade (Raspberry Blush) in the middle.  However, if you’re feeling particularly brave then the beautiful bright red on the right (Soft Paprika) is a classic red that’ll stay on the right side of bright.

Boots Colour Your Way Eyes and NailsPIN IT

If you’re just not a fan of a statement lip then there are other ways to experiment with colour without looking like a clown.  The easiest way is with a flash of colour on the nails – how beautiful is that Persian Blue shade? I love a bright lip, but recently I’ve been trying out colour on my eyes too, and my favourite way to do that is with a flash of bright liner.  The shade above is Deep Green in the Amazing Eyes Pencil line; have you tried them? They are unbelievably creamy and yet stay in place once applied, so if you’re a liner novice then these could be a great place to start.  Finally, if any kind of colour is a bit too overwhelming, you could add a bit of shading instead with the three greys in the Twilight Trio Eyeshadow Palette, which is a great way to ease yourself gently into trying something other than traditional black or brown around the eyes.  If you fancy getting involved in the ‘Colour Movement’ you can upload the way you like to use colour with the #TaDah tag, or just search the tag on Twitter/Instagram for inspiration from how others are playing with colour.  You can also check out many of them here – link.

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  • Rad
    August 20, 2015

    It’s a great campaign. I always thought No7 was for more ‘mature’ women but it got me to actually look at their products.

    • Sascha
      August 21, 2015

      I think a lot of people feel that way about No7, but over the past few years they’ve started to rectify their “fuddy-duddy” reputation; they’ve released some amazing products to mark their anniversary in some beautiful shades, so I’ll be posting about them soon – they’re really gorgeously presented and about as far from their old-style as you can get!

  • Melissa Lee
    August 20, 2015

    I’ve not tried the BB Lips although love anything with BB in the name so I think I will have to! I am a little nervous about wearing colour anywhere but my nails too. I guess makeup should be fun so it’s all about trying new things and stepping out of your comfort zone. These products look lovely

    • Sascha
      Melissa Lee
      August 21, 2015

      The BB Lips are really interesting as they’re like liquid lipsticks – I think you’d expect a BB product to be like a tinted lipbalm in a tube, but this is definitely thicker and richer than that. I’m the same, I’m a sucker for anything BB or CC!

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