Happiness in a Candle: La Montana Alfredo’s Cafe Candle

La Montana Alfredo's Cafe Candle ReviewPIN IT

A little while ago I wrote about the La Montana Galan De Noche candle, a beautiful jasmine-led fragrance that is the very definition of Summer in a wick.  If you’re a jasmine lover then you need this in your life, so have a look at my full review here.  Now on to a candle that every candle lover needs in their life, the La Montana Alfredo’s Cafe Candle.

La Montana Alfredo's Cafe CandlePIN IT

If Galan De Noche represents the pretty, girly, light and gentle fragrance, Alfredo’s Cafe is the antithesis of that, but MY WORD is it gorgeous.  Ready yourself, as these are the fragrance notes: coffee, brandy, tobacco, leather and incense – pretty much everything I loved in life before Teddy arrived, not that I’m complaining.  The result of the merging of all these notes is the most stunningly evocative scent that takes me back to a Majorcan Jazz club I visited years ago – it was a tiny little space where everything was covered in smoke, everyone was drinking whisky, and it was such an intimate place to absorb music, so there was something kind of magical about being there, surrounded by strangers but all feeling connected…I’m sorry, that’s the most pretentious thing I’ve ever said on this blog, but I thought I’d share! Back to the candle…

La Montana Alfredo's Cafe Candle  ReviewsPIN IT

I’d say Alfredo’s Cafe is pretty much my all-time favourite candle.  I love the lingering scent as it’s so wonderfully comforting; you’d think such strong fragrances would hurt your head, but it’s gentle enough to just create a lightly heady atmosphere rather than anything too overwhelming.  I so look forward to burning this whenever I can, although it’s probably a good thing that I only burn candles when Teddy isn’t around as otherwise I would’ve melted through this in a matter of days.  Design-wise, it isn’t ideal, as you can probably see in my picture the wax wasn’t left to set properly before it was packaged and moved about, hence the sloping wax, but seriously, who cares? This candle is amazing, the La Montana range is very exciting and I really hope it gains the success it deserves and becomes a lot more mainstream so I can easily stock up on Alfredo’s Cafe, which is £35 here – link.

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  • Jonathan Hall
    September 23, 2015

    What an utterly gorgeous review – thank you SO much. But we’re horrified to see that the wax is all wonky! There are occasional issues in production – and we don’t always pick them up – but please, please, PLEASE, everyone out there, please do let us know if anything isn’t right and we’ll replace the candle immediately – as we will do with this one right now. We want everything to be perfect – always!
    Thanks again for the generous and evocative review.
    Jonathan – La Montaña

    • Sascha
      Jonathan Hall
      September 23, 2015

      Thanks so much for the info Jonathan! Honestly, the slant made no difference at all to the ‘candle experience’ but thanks very much for the offer of another x

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