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Ever since Teddy arrived, I’ve made regular pampering trips a priority – I think I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I get a manicure each week and try to have a facial, pedicure or massage at least once a month.  I think it’s really important as a mum to have a bit of regular time where the focus is purely on relaxing, putting aside all mum-worries and just zoning out completely – I honestly think I would’ve keeled over by now if I hadn’t implemented this ritual! I’ve been lucky enough to visit the Thai Square Spa on several occasions, and it really is a wonderfully pampering experience.

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I was invited along to experience the Ritual Massage, an extremely (extremely!!) relaxing treatment that involves the use of their new iMantara range, a trio of jasmine scented products that includes the oil that was worked all over my body to wind down my achy muscles and chill me out completely.  The experience starts with a cup of aromatic tea that smells and tastes of mellowness and really starts of the treatment well.  Having attended Thai Square Spa a few times, I know that treatments always start with a ritualistic foot bath – but annoyingly my therapist thought I wouldn’t want one! Who wouldn’t want one?! Me apparently…That was really the only negative element of the otherwise wonderful experience.

Thai Square Spa Ritual Massage ReviewPIN IT

Once settled on the bed, the massage begins (you’re given paper knickers, a robe and flip-flops beforehand) and it involves firm but kind movements all over the back, before the legs and arms are involved.  Finally, you’re rolled over for a good, long head massage that is just out of this world – thinking about it now is making me want to rebook! Once finished, you’re then taken out to the lounge area for another cup of tasty tea, to genuinely come back to reality before getting ready and reluctantly heading back outside.

Thai Square Spa Ritual MassagePIN IT

Thai Square Spa has a reputation for being one of the very best spas in London, and I believe it’s because every sense is considered; the lighting is kept low, the music subtle, the scent is relaxing and the rooms are very clean and well maintained so you literally have nothing to concern yourself with other than focusing on relaxing, which is very easy to do here.  Every time I visit I make a mental note to book in for a pedicure, so hopefully I’ll do that soon too and ,let you know how I get on.  The amazing Ritual Massage is £75 for an hour.  You can find out more about it here – link.

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