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If I had received a press release on the UE Roll I would likely have discarded it and thought no more about it, however, I attended a launch party for the device where we were each give an UE Roll to take home, and honestly, since giving it a quick charge after the party it hasn’t really left my sight since! I would never have thought I’d find a bluetooth speaker so handy, but the UE Roll is a total star.  It’s easy to use, gives terrific sound, it’s well made and it’s also waterproof, making it ideal for summer adventures to the pool or the beach.

UE Roll ReviewsPIN IT

The UE Roll is a circular speaker roughly the size of a side plate.  The big plus and minus on the front control the volume, and on the back you have a button for turning it on and a button for wireless connecting.  The back is where you’ll also find the bungee hook that allows you to attach it or hang it pretty much anywhere.  It has a 65 feet wireless range, although anything in the way of this range – such as walls or people walking by – can cause a bit of interference.  The battery lasts for nine hours and there are various handy functions when you download the app, such as an alarm and a double-up option if you want to connect more than one UE Roll.  I would quite like to connect this to my TV – any techies know how, please share! – as if I manage to do that then I’ll definitely buy another UE Roll to improve the sound on my telly.  I carry this around with me all over the home, from the shower to the bedroom to the kitchen and it’s become an absolute must-have for me.  The sound is extremely impressive, it’s a very robust bit of a kit that won’t just fall apart if you drop it and it’s also pretty fairly priced at just under £100.  You can find out more about it here – link – where you can check out the various colour options too.

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