Zoeva Single Brushes – Eye Finish, Powder, Brow Line and Defined Buffer

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Honestly, if you value the cash in your account then stay far away from the Zoeva site – I’ve just been on there and I want absolutely everything; their face brushes! I want all of them so bad! Plus they also do a lovely looking range of make-up, including some stunning palettes and lipstick shades, all of which are very reasonably priced.  I’ve never tried anything from Zoeva before, so I was happy to be sent a few brush singles to introduce me to the range.

Zoeva Powder 106 ReviewPIN IT

The Powder (106) brush is probably my most used out of the four, as it’s a great all-rounder; it’s big enough for covering larger areas with product such as powder, bronzer or highlighter, but it’s also not so big that it’ll overload, meaning it can be used for blush or blending too.  It’s very soft and the density of the bristles is just right, so you can build-up product with it.  It’s here – link.

Zoeva Defined Buffer 103 ReviewPIN IT

Now on to the brush I think I use the least out of the four, which is the Defined Buffer (103).  Interestingly, when these four arrived I thought this would be the one I’d use most, but I find it a little bit hard work to work with as it’s a little too soft to really buff anything in.  I think it’s best suited for buffing in powder foundations, so I’ll test it out when I next use one of those.  You can find it here – link.

Zoeva Brow Line 322 ReviewPIN IT

The first of the two eye brushes I was sent is the Brow Line (322), a lovely, soft brush that’s ideal for gentle definition as it gives very soft strokes that don’t look harsh or in need of blending.  This is perfect if you like to use powder for your brows but want to work quickly and not have to spend ages buffing and blending.  It’s also useful for blending out harsh lines, so it’s a very versatile brow tool, which can be found here – link.

Zoeva Eye Finish 229 ReviewPIN IT

The Eye Finish (229) is an interesting one, as out of all four brushes, this one feels the cheapest.  It’s a typical blending brush, with well-spaced bristles that puff out to ensure product is blended rather than removed, but annoyingly I actually find the bristles quite scratchy, which isn’t ideal if you’re using this on the delicate skin around the eye area.  Having said that, it mostly just a bit of an unpleasant sensation as it doesn’t leave any marks, and it does a great job at blending.  It’s here – link.

The prices are in euros on the site, but expect to pay anything between £5-15 for the majority of the Zoeva brush singles, or just do what everyone else is doing and treat yourself to one of the amazing sets!

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  • Makeup By Nicci
    August 28, 2015

    I started my kit with the professional set, and I still use them now, admittedly they are now mixed in with MAC brushes but Zoeva brushes are just simply amazing and they keep their shape really well.

    • Sascha
      Makeup By Nicci
      August 31, 2015

      They are fab aren’t they? I will definitely be adding to my collection!

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