New Launches from Maybelline – September 2015

Maybelline New Launches September 2015PIN IT

How is it September already?! I cannot believe how quickly this year is going – I remember saying that last year but 2015 is flying by at a terrifying rate.  Thankfully, to ease the trauma of kissing goodbye to Summer, there are some great Autumn releases coming our way, starting off with some very exciting new arrivals from Maybelline.

Maybelline Master Brow PalettePIN IT

First up are the newest members of the Maybelline brow family, the Master Brow Palettes.  I absolutely love the Brow Satin from Maybelline – if you’re rubbish at filling in brows then you need it in your life – so I have high hopes for these palettes, which contain three products (wax, colour powder and highlight powder) plus a double ended angled brush for application.  There are two shade variants available, Soft Brown and Dark Brown, and these are extremely well priced at £7.99 each.

Maybelline The Colossal ChaoticPIN IT

I’ve said many times before that I think Maybelline provide the very best high street mascaras – I honestly don’t think you can beat them – so whenever a new one arrives it, I’m all over it the minute I hear of it’s existence! The Colossal Go Chaotic Mascara is an interesting one, as I think it’ll be a bit of Mascara Marmite – people will either be instantly captivated, or want to steer clear.  The brush has been designed to splay your lashes all over the place, which in theory will give you that messy, punky, smoky look, if applied correctly.  As someone who enjoys neat make-up, I fear this might be a tad wasted on me, but it definitely has it’s place, and I’m always keen to try out anything new in the Maybelline The Colossal mascara collection.  This will be £7.99.

Maybelline Master Ink Satin LinerPIN IT

There are two finishes of the Master Ink Satin Liner, Matte and Satin, and for some reason these have really got me in the mood for thinking about Christmas/party make-up, yet I’m not really sure why! These are fluid liners, so ideally for fancy liner doodles (of which I can do none – I think I’m doing well if I manage a straight line) and are £4.99 each.

Maybelline Baby LipsPIN IT

Now on to the first of the two lip launches…new Baby Lips flavours! Isn’t it funny how people go so crazy for Baby Lips? I think it’s a good example of a basic idea executed really well – people love hydrated lips, they love choice and they love pretty yet functional packaging in a decent price bracket, so cue Baby Lips.  The two new flavours are drool-worthy; Melon Mania, a surprisingly sweet and tasty flavour and Peach Punch, a dream for any peach-lovers.  As usual, these are £2.99 each.

Maybelline Creamy MattesPIN IT

Finally, saving the best ’til last, may I present to you the glorious Color Sensation Creamy Mattes.  As the name suggests, these are matte finish lipsticks provided in a creamy base, making them ideal for anyone who loves a matte lip but hates the dry feel.  There are six shades in total to start with, covering a very good spectrum with pinks, nudes, reds and berries all included.  I’ll be reviewing and swatching these soon, and they’ll be £6.99 each when they launch.

As you can see, lots of things to look forward to! These are all September launches so they should start appearing any day now.  If you’re planning to pick up a few of these launches, it’s well worth keeping an eye on Boots as they currently have a deal across Maybelline products.

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