Fragrance Week: Michael Kors Glam Jasmine

Michael Kors Glam Jasmine Review

It wouldn’t be Fragrance Week on Beauty Geek without a jasmine scent now would it? Glam Jasmine by Michael Kors is an absolute stunner of a jasmine scent, with a simple note formation of just four strong scents – jasmine … read more.

Bespoke Facial at Omniya, London

Omniya Bespoke Facial Review

I am *such* a fusspot when it comes to facials as I do think a lot of salons get away with charging fortunes for treatments that aren’t worthy of such a hefty price tag, so when I have a facial, … read more.

Guest Post: What is the difference between a £50 and a £350 botox treatment?

Botox Needle
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When it comes to cosmetic procedures, one of the key driving factors has always been a desire to look as good and young as we feel. Maybe you’ve caught a glimpse of yourself reflected in the mirror in read more.

Quick Pick Tuesday: Eco Tools Stippling Brush

Eco Tools Stippling Brush Review

Anyone who likes a clean, flawless finish to their base needs a good Stippling Brush in their collection, and the Eco Tools Stippling Brush is a very handy and nicely priced one to try out.  A Stippling Brush is a … read more.

Fragrance Week: Miu Miu by Miu Miu

Miu Miu by Miu Miu Review

Miu Miu is the debut fragrance from the Miu Miu fashion house, and it’s a very good starting point! It’s fresh, pretty, young, a little bit of a crowd-pleaser, but very, very likeable.  It took me a while to warm … read more.