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Models Own Colour Chrome - Extension Shades  ReviewPIN IT

At the start of the year we saw the arrival of the fabulous Models Own Colour Chrome collection, a brilliant colour line-up that made a quick paint job so easy; the thing I love about them is that you can literally bung on one coat and be good to go for a few days, so they’re perfect for in-between manicures.  They’re also pigmented enough for some great nail art effects (so I’ve been told) and I’m very excited that they’ve added to their collection with five more fabulous shades.

Models Own Colour Chrome - Extension ShadesPIN IT

Starting off with my favourite of the bunch, Grey, which is a very purple-leaning grey; think of how the sky goes when it’s about to fill with lightning, it’s that kind of of grey.  Next there’s Copper, my least favourite, which is a pretty good take on the copper colour, but not something I’d personally reach for.  Pearl is an interesting one, as I expected it to be much more pink in finish than it is, but it’s actually quite silvery with the merest hint of pink.

Models Own Colour Chrome - Extension Shades  SwatchesPIN IT

Red is a very wearable, pinky red that is wonderfully festive and will no doubt be popular within the next couple of weeks.  The chrome finish is a great way to wear red too.  Finally, there’s Turquoise, my second favourite of the bunch which is lovely, vivid take on turquoise that leans a lot more blue than green.  Another great thing about the Colour Chromes is that they’re pretty forgiving if your application is rubbish – you can literally just bung them on and they will spread out into a mostly even finish.  There’s a little streakiness in the more metallic shades, but nothing that a little bit of care won’t even out.

Models Own Colour Chrome Swatches Grey Copper, Red, Turquoise, PearlPIN IT

I like the fact that these shades are focusing on element type colours which makes them both bold and interesting.  I think Red will be popular, as will Turquoise, but I personally favour the stormy Grey and pretty Pearl.  The full Chrome collection can be viewed here – link. They’re £4.99 each and are available at Bottleshops and Models Own stockists.

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