Nails Inc Snow Globes – Silver Road and Globe Walk

Nails Inc Snow Globes 2015PIN IT

I’m not one for glitter nails as they are so faffy to remove, quite tricky to get right, and if I’m honest, I think they can look a bit too OTT and silly on anyone over the age of about 15 if not done properly, so when I got my hands on a couple of the cult Nails Inc Snow Globe shades, I wasn’t sure how to feel, but I think if you’re like me and not a big glitter nail fan, the Snow Globe would be a good option to try as you have quite a lot of control over the product, meaning you can just add a little on your tips, or a light coat all over to give a hint of sparkle.

Nails Inc Silver Road and Globe WalkPIN IT

The two 2015 shades are silver and gold, with the silver called Silver Road and only available at QVC (as featured in the fabulous Winter Edit set that I posted about here) and Globe Walk which is the gold shade.  The reason they’re called Snow Globes is because the glitter settles, so before use you need to give it a good shake to mix the glitter with the varnish.  The varnish is thinner than you’d normally get with glitter polishes, which is ideal for spreading the glitter about and ensures you don’t end up with any glitter clumps, but if you’re not used to a thinner formula then keep in mind that you need to avoid overloading the brush as otherwise it’ll run after application, possibly taking the colour underneath with it.

Nails Inc Snow Globes Silver Road and Globe WalkPIN IT

To use in the most traditional form, you apply two coats of your chosen colour polish, let it dry, then apply two coats of the Snow Globe, let that dry, then finish off with a top coat.  On the swatch wheel I’ve just used one coat of each colour followed by two coats of each Snow Globe polish, so the order goes one nail with just the colour for the benefit of comparison, then the middle shade is Silver Road (silver) and the right shade is Globe Walk.

Nails Inc Snow Globes SwatchesPIN IT

I’ve used a good selection of shades to try out the Snow Globes on, with a few from the aforementioned Winter Edit, alongside some of my favourites such as Chiltern Street (apologies for the state of the pot – it’s one of my go-to shades that gets carted around in my handbag, and a pen broke – fun!), the amazing Victoria, which is currently on my toes as I write this, Palace Gardens – a stunning icy blue/grey that I’m currently sporting on my fingers (check out my Instagram here) and finally the perfect nude that is Montpelier Walk.  If I had had to guess earlier, I would’ve predicted that the darker shades would’ve been better suited to these glitter shades, but I actually really like them on the paler colours!

Nails Inc Snow Globes Swatches 2015PIN IT

My favourite combinations are Silver Road on Chiltern Street or Montpelier Walk and Globe Walk on Palace Gardens, although both also look lovely on Victoria too.  I don’t think there are any limits on the sort of combinations you can create with such easy shades like silver and gold, so they’re pretty fab investment products that should see you through the festive season easily.  As mentioned earlier, Silver Road is a QVC exclusive and can be found in this set here – link – for £36 (for seven polishes!) and Globe Walk can be found here – link – and in-store for £15.

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