Quick Pick Tuesday: Oilixia Brilliance Facial Oil

Oilixia Brilliance Facial Oil ReviewPIN IT

A few weeks ago I posted about the Merumaya Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil which, among other ingredients, makes use of newcomer Kahai Oil, an oil that is dubbed the new Argan due to to its potency and efficiency at providing nourishment and hydration to face, hair, body and nails.  Now I have another Kahai Oil to show you, and this one is the Oilixia Brilliance Facial Oil. The first thing I like about this oil is the pump-action packaging, which is not only hygienic, it’s also much easier for dispensing an oil, which is something that can very easily become very messy!

Oilixia Brilliance Facial Oil ReviewsPIN IT

The oil itself is light yet rich and it feels quite dense on the skin, b£ut absorbs surprisingly quickly, leaving skin feeling and looking hydrated and glowy.  I particularly like using this after a mask as it’s such a good product to replace any hydration lost in deep cleansing or exfoliating.  I’ve been dabbling with this recently as I’m trialling out another, but once that trial is done I think I’ll be adding this to my full-time routine, as it’s one of the few products that really, really hydrates skin without causing any problems – I’d even say that most skin types can get away with using this instead of a moisturiser, although if you’re very dry then you might want to add something afterwards.  I believe Oilixia will be adding more products to their range in the New Year, and I look forward to hearing more about them as their first product has proved to be a very successful one.  You can find the Oilixia Brilliance Facial Oil here – link – for £37.

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