Fragrance Friday: Shay & Blue Blacks Club Leather

Shay & Blue Blacks Club Leather ReviewPIN IT

Since the latter part of last year was spent focussing on all things festive, followed by a couple of weeks off, it feels like absolutely ages since I’ve done a Fragrance Friday feature, so I’m excited to start the year off with an absolute stunner of a scent, that’s something a bit different.  Shay & Blue Blacks Club Leather is as dirty and heady as it sounds; a unisex fragrance that really is for the boys, but a confident, edgy girl could wear it too.  Sadly I’m not quite cocky enough to pull this one off, so I’m instead using it as a kind of very expensive home fragrance until I get my hands on the candle with the same scent!

Shay & Blue Blacks Club Leather Fragrance ReviewPIN IT

As the name suggests, Shay & Blue Blacks Club Leather is inspired by the London private member’s club, Blacks of Soho, so it starts off with a big and unashamed hit of leather.  This really does knock you for six, but before you can recover, it’s chased-up with a cognac and brandy at the heart, which add a bit of fire and balance the leather beautifully.  The base notes are firewood alongside beeswax tinted mahogany, but don’t worry if you’re not a fan of a woody fragrance as the wood is really sharpened by the leading leather.  All of these notes come together to form the most phenomenal and evocative scent that will transport you to a smoky jazz club from the 1950’s where everyone is sitting around, bopping their head, sipping cognac and smoking cigars.

Shay & Blue Blacks Club LeatherPIN IT

I cannot rave about this scent enough and if you think you can pull it off, you should absolutely, definitely, 100% seek this out.  It’s so beautifully crafted and it takes you on a true fragrance journey that only very few scents can achieve.  It’s extremely sexy, slightly grubby and a little rough, so consequently intensely intoxicating and just glorious in every sense.  I love it so, so much, and as it’s a decent-sized 100ml, you can really splash it about your home, person and man without fear of running out.  It’s here – link – for £85.

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